How does excel2013 draw multiple curves on a graph?

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How does excel2013 draw multiple curves on a graph? Office software is updated every year quickly, although the updated version will certainly be able to implement the features before the update, but because of the layout improvements, so that users are not particularly handy when the first use. The following points to explain, how to use excel2013 in the same picture to do a comparison of curves, this is often used in scientific and technical paper writing, hope that the author's experience to the people behind the study to bring some help, there are improper place also please correct me.

1, the use of the data shown below, the data for the author through the MATLAB arbitrary construction. The two curves were named "Baidu Curve a" and "Baidu Curve B".

2, in accordance with the order of the following figure: Insert (Red number 1)-Chart (Red number 2)-Scatter Chart tab (Red Number 3)-Red number 4 identification place-Red number 5 (an empty figure).

3, in the empty picture right-select data-the dialog box that selects the data source, click Add-the dialog that appears the data series-Select the selection area in the series name (red digit 2 indicates)--click "Baidu curve a" this name. Then click Close to go back to the Edit Data Series dialog box.

4, in the same way, edit the x-axis series values. Click the Red Number 2 area, hold down the left mouse button to select the number of Red number 1 area, the following red number of 2 area of the ' Edit data series.

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