How does Asus Ling Yiu 3 look? Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook Map

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Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook image, the main lightweight, designed to match the Apple MacBook Notebook.

Lightweight design is undoubtedly Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook's biggest selling point, and thin design the most prominent bright spot is Yan value and portable, the following through a detailed look at the details of the picture.


ASUS 3 is equipped with Intel's All-new seventh-generation processor i5-7200u, 8G memory, 512G SSD, HD 620, and 12.5-inch 1080P Full HD display.


I do not know when, Asus fell in love with the concentric design, each classic flagship always have this design, Asus Ling Yiu 3 is so. Asus Ling Yiu 3 has three colors, respectively, royal blue, rose gold and quartz ash, this time we got the machine rose gold version, but also most girls, even boys are preferred color.


Asus Ling Yiu 3 's fuselage is very small, a A4 white paper can be able to cover it, this compact believe that every person to see the real machine will love it, close to the briefcase is a fairly easy thing.


Open a side, we can see is a narrow border design of the 12.5-inch 1080P Full HD display, the visual effect is more prominent, but accustomed to the micro-border design of the small partners will not feel too stunning, but exquisite is certain.

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