How does MBR convert to GPT? HDD MBR format conversion to GPT format tutorial

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How is the hard disk MBR format converted to GPT format? This is a lot of small white computer users do not understand. First, on the hard drive GPT format, GPT is a globally unique identity partition table (GUID Partition table, abbreviation: GPT), which refers to a globally uniquely labeled Disk partition table type. It is part of the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) standard, which is used by Intel to replace the PC's BIOS, and is used to override the master boot record (MBR) partition table in the BIOS system that stores logical block addresses and size information in 32bits. Let's take a look at the hard drive MBR format conversion to GPT format tutorial

GPT does not require a logical partition, and the MBR can have up to 4 primary partitions per hard disk. If not enough, the 1 primary partitions are used to simulate n logical partitions for partitioning, and Windows GPT supports up to 128 partitions, so there is no need for logical partitioning. The following article mainly describes how to convert a hard disk in MBR format to GPT to implement the Uefi+gpt startup method.

First, when loading the system, you can use "DiskPart" to convert the hard disk format. For example, when the new system enters the interface shown in the following illustration, you can use the SHIFT+F10 combination shortcut key to open a command prompt, as shown in the following figure.

Second, enter the command Action box, you can use the following command to achieve the hard disk MBR conversion to GPT.

Enter the following set of commands, and then press ENTER to run after each line command.


List disk

Select Disk * (choose the hard disk you want to convert to format)

Then run the following command:


Convert GPT

In addition to the use of commands to convert the hard disk format, you can also use the PE tool in the Diskgenius partition software to transform the hard disk format. Enter the PE tool, open the Diskgenius software, select the "hard disk" that you want to convert to, and then click "Hard Disk" in the Start menu, which is "Convert hard disk partition table type to GUID mode", as shown in the following figure.

The above is the hard disk MBR conversion into a GPT format tutorial, if you need to implement UEFI+GPT boot, when loading the system, you need to convert the hard disk format to GPT. It is important to note that the conversion of BR to GPT format will clear the data on the hard drive and, if the hard drive has significant data, back up to another disk.

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