How does Mac completely remove the Flash Player plugin?

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How does Mac completely remove the Flash Player plugin? Recent small series of Mac Flash Player plug-ins again, in order to see Youku installed Flash for Safari, my MacBook fan whirring, power to I simply can not accept, decided to forcefully uninstall clean fash , because before the deletion of Flash plugin always have residue, this small series find has been super simple new method, here to share to you:

1, first download Tencent computer Butler, we can go to PC6 download station official website download Tencent computer Butler Mac version, here Example 2.4.0 version

2, first to clean up the computer

3, here to choose the software need to be strong uninstall, click on the software under the strong uninstall, we recommend that we also develop habits, as far as possible to use Apple's own "move to the Trash" to uninstall the software method, so remove the software always some residue, the accumulation of garbage more. Examples of cool dogs, and 4.5M of data are non-program residues. To delete flash, select Flash, there is no demo, because Flash is too power-hungry.

4, because the Flash installation package will have a variety of plugins embedded in the Mac, so in the plug-in management also need to delete, OK, to plug-in management can completely delete flash

5, finally suggest that everyone or again with the housekeeper clean down the computer, open Safari again open Youku, Flash link all failed, the power is back.

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