How does MSAP build a converged multi-service access network?

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After a long history of multi-service access networks, many users are familiar with access networks. Here I will share my personal understanding and discuss with you. With the development of business and network, ruisida will keep pace with the times, provide access solutions with larger capacity and richer functions on the MSAP access platform, and strive to enhance the scalability of the internet for operators, improve Service support capabilities and build a new telecom service platform with unified access, unified management, and sustainable development.

The completion of the restructuring of domestic telecom operators indicates that major operators are beginning to enter the full-service operation era, and also means that the competition between them will become more intense. The rapid changes in customer business and bandwidth requirements pose new challenges to the operator's existing network. In particular, the primary network access layer with the largest investment and the most complex applications is currently facing several major challenges: how to adapt to the rapid development of IP data services, how to adapt to the requirements of comprehensive business access and convergence, how to adapt to the requirements of providing differentiated services to customers, and how to ensure a higher network availability at a lower cost scalability. However, the traditional PDH, optical fiber transceiver, and Co-rotating access devices and networking solutions have the following problems: single technology, insufficient network adaptability, high O & M costs, and imperfect management functions, unable to adapt to new changes. Therefore, the construction and development of the Internet gateway puts forward new requirements for access layer equipment and solutions:

1. More flexible and rich access methods to meet the needs of various customer segments;
2. It has higher scalability, adapts to the development trend of network IP from various aspects such as bandwidth, function, and reliability, and extends the validity period of equipment investment;
3. More Reliable Access networks can be established to provide users with high-quality communication services;
4. provides unified and effective network management to improve the level of network operation services and reduce operation costs;
5. Lower network construction costs and faster deployment capabilities.

Through thinking about the above issues, as the mainstream manufacturer of access equipment, ruisida proposed the concept of building a converged access network through the multi-service access network platform-that is, using MSAPMulti-ServiceAccessPlatform) product Series and integrated network management platform to achieve four types of integration:

Business integration: to meet the needs of multiple business access networks, such as voice, video, industry applications, OA, and the internet, it can also provide channels for the increasing 3G businesses, helps achieve rapid deployment of 3G networks;

Technology Convergence: MSAP provides PCM, PDH, SDH, Ethernet, DSL, CWDM, and other access technologies, provides N * 64 K, N * 2 M, 155 M/622 M, and FE/GE multi-level business processing capabilities, and provides users with comprehensive access means through different business modules, in this way, an elastic access network for all services is built to further achieve unified management of the ingress network access layer.

Network convergence: it also provides an IP processing platform for TDM Service Processing to adapt to the development trend of network IP, it is equivalent to providing two access networks, TDM and Ethernet/IP, on a unified access platform, to achieve convergence of access networks. The two access networks are independent of each other, and can switch services between networks based on application needs, fully ensuring high flexibility of multi-service access networks.

Management Integration: the integration of Network Element Management and major account Resource Management expands and enhances the scope and management capabilities of network management. The management based on network elements enables the NMS network management system to manage and control devices of different vendors to achieve integrated management of access networks, implements network fault analysis, fault locating, and comprehensive network performance analysis. Customer-based management refers to the customer-based management element. It provides the customer's circuit, equipment resources, customer information, alarm statistics, and other functions, and customizes Network Management Information for the customer, this provides operators with a more intuitive and efficient Key Account management tool. MSAP helps operators build low-cost, flexible, scalable, and easy-to-manage access networks through these four integrations. Next we will explain how to use MSAP to build a converged access network based on the leased line access and 3G return access solutions of major customers.

Application of MSAP in leased line access for major customers

In the past two or more years, the MSAP products of ruisida have been widely used in Telecom, Unicom, mobile, radio and television, and resident network operators, this unified access platform provides comprehensive multi-service access networks for many major customers. Over the past two years, it has been proved that the MSAP products of risconda are constantly creating value for operators in many aspects:

Flexible access methods: The MSAP products of ruisida provide SDH, PDH, PCM, FE, and G for users. SHDSL, CWDM, and other access methods provide circuit leased lines based on N * 64 k, N * 2 M, 10 M/100 M, and STM1, it can also provide optical leased lines with wavelength lease to meet the access needs of different customers. Currently, ruisida provides more than 30 business boards to solve various problems faced by operators on the access layer. For example, CWDM boards provided by MSAP have been used to expand optical cables between urban and rural networks, to solve the problem of increasing county and township business capacity and insufficient optical fiber resources, the total bandwidth capacity reaches 20 GB, which further improves the network's multi-service access network capability; the N * 64 K processing module provided by MSAP has also helped China Telecom and China Unicom achieve DDN network transformation through multiple render networks, making full use of the original resources, it continues to create value for the two major operators.

Improved network scalability: the dual-network and dual-core network convergence concept proposed by ruesconda in the industry has gradually been accepted by operators, it has also been applied on the current Internet of China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. At present, the TDM core is mainly used for leased line access of major customers, and the IP core is used for access of customers such as small and medium enterprises and Internet cafes, in addition, the dual-core combination application also provides large-capacity, high-density Customer Center Aggregation solutions for operators. In the future trend of network IP, this architecture will greatly expand network access capabilities, this laid the foundation for meeting high-bandwidth and large-capacity access needs and greatly increased the income-to-investment ratio of operators. Enhanced Network Reliability: in addition to providing device-level protection capabilities for various functional modules and ports, the MSAP of ruisida also provides end users with Link and business-level protection, it can meet the customer's needs for continuous upgrades in terms of network reliability, so as to provide a powerful guarantee for operators to enhance customer loyalty and increase customer loyalty.

Enhanced network management capabilities: MSAP networking makes it possible to manage and operate the access layers of different cities and counties. by deploying the NView System of the unified network management platform, in the past, the problems of the seven-country eight-system management in the Network were effectively solved, and the network management and control capabilities of operators were enhanced. In addition, the major customer circuit management module provided by ruisida also provides major customer-based management functions for operators, making the cold management model based on equipment more user-friendly, this makes network operation management a step forward.

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