How does Photoshop convert photos to hand-painted warm colors?

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We will give you a detailed analysis of the Photoshop software and share with you how to convert the photos into hand-painted warm colors.

Tutorial sharing:

SOURCE image:

Copy a layer before coloring
Subtract porn again
Get the automatic contrast in the image
Adjust the color and curve
After the call ~
Create a new layer and use a soft angle paint brush to paint the background. Of course, if you are not afraid of trouble, you can use a pen to draw a picture. Here, my background color is dfc4bc.
Set the image size
Moderate Liquefaction
Median value (random value)
Save it and open it in photoshop/jiaocheng/2015/136919 .html "> sai! This step is hand-painted!
Use a fuzzy tool to blur the noise on the skin. Then, you can use a spray gun to select a skin to cover your skin.
Spray gun parameters
Blur eyes
Use a pen to suck the bright color on the forehead and fill in the structure of the eyes (it may not be visible !)
The spray gun uses the source image to highlight the white color a little. Gently draw
Use a spray gun to absorb the dark color in your eyes.
Reduce the concentration and draw your eyes
Select a red color, which is probably the position. Use a pen to see your eye and then blur it.
First use a fuzzy tool to blur the double eyelid, then use a spray gun to absorb the color of the eye and cover it with a blur

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