How does the Notebook install Dolby sound effect

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Note: This method only applies to Realtek sound card, small series is win8.1x64 system, other system self-test.

  First, uninstall the original sound card driver (may need to reboot)

  Second, installation drive

Download the drive provided by the network disk. After the reboot is installed. (sound is normal after reboot)

  Third, enter the advanced startup option

method is to hold down the shift point restart > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup settings > Reboot

Disable driver-enforced signing

Press F7 or number key 7 after reboot to select "Disable driver forced signature" and enter

  Disable sound card driver

After entering the operating system, open Device Manager, disable all drivers under Sound, video, and game controllers, that is, disable all sound card drivers.

  Vi. installation of Dolby V4

Dolby V4, according to its own operating system, choose the installation Dolby Directory X86 (X64) under the Dtpc.msi, installation configuration as shown in the following figure, the other MSI does not need to install.

If you encounter the following prompts, select "Always install this driver software"

Seven, restart the computer, installation completed.

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