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Turn on the VPN service on the router, where we can access resources on the home network and easily and securely access data from the home network. The following will show you how to open the router VPN service.

Using the router's DMZ (quarantine) settings or applications using networked storage, we are able to access resources on the home network over the Internet. However, to ensure that communication data is not intercepted, we should use VPN (virtual private network) as much as possible. VPN services allow us to easily and securely access the home network and handle sensitive data. If other people want to try to intercept our network traffic data, then they will get only encrypted VPN communication data, can not really steal our data.

On the router to open the VPN service, if necessary, of course, the router to support the function, and secondly, if the home network access to the Internet is a dynamic Internet IP address, then the router must also support dynamic Domain name (DDNS) function. Currently, most routers can support both features, but some routers may need to be updated to support the firmware. For example, ASUS RT-N16 Wireless network router, on the Web Settings page, click System Management on the left, click the Firmware Update tab on the right, and click the Check button to find the new firmware. The router will automatically download and update the firmware after the new firmware is found and the update is confirmed.

Because most home networks use ADSL access to upload bandwidth is limited, so the speed of downloading data from the home network will be relatively slow. When we access the home network through VPN, we must have some psychological preparation, but also can do some related preparatory work in advance.

For example, when you use home network storage to save photos, categorize them appropriately and prepare thumbnails so that we can quickly find the photos we need when we access the VPN.

In any case, VPN will be the easiest and safest way to access resources on your home network over the Internet. Therefore, regardless of whether we need at present, we should also master the way to open VPN service for routers. Below, we will take ASUS Rt-n16 Wireless network router as an example, to show you how to open and use the VPN service specific methods.

1 Open service first, go to the Router Web Settings page, select the VPN server setting, and select Yes in the Enable PPTP server option. Note the types of VPN servers that different routers support differ, remember the type of server that is turned on, so that you can make the appropriate settings on the client.

2 Admin account Type the custom VPN server login account below the VPN Settings page and click the Apply this page Settings button to save the settings. Note that in addition to the security of passwords when setting passwords, you must also consider that a strong password can be difficult to enter on a mobile device.

3 Detailed settings Click to switch to the VPN Details tab to set the IP address that the VPN server can use to assign to remote logins users, and usually the routers will automatically give you the network segments that can be used. Finally, select the authentication and encryption strength of the server as needed, and click the "Apply this page settings" button below to store the settings. Note the authentication method and encryption method you choose to make the appropriate settings on the client.

4 Dynamic Domain name if you get a dynamic IP address, then you need to go to the external network | DDNS "Start dynamic Domain name function, in the router Support service provider to select a dynamic Domain Name service, let the router in each Internet IP address update at the same time automatically update the dynamic domain name and IP address of the corresponding relationship, so we can have a access to the home network fixed domain name."

5 Related services Check the router's related settings, such as "External network | NAT Passthrough "to ensure that the network protocols used by the VPN server are supported. If the router provides a firewall, you need to ensure that it does not affect the use of the VPN service. Next, the VPN server can be formally put into use.

6 Computer connections with Windows 7, for example, select "Set up a new connection or network" from the Control Panel | Network and internet| Network and Sharing Center, and in the Settings dialog box, select Connect to workspace | Use my Internet connection (VPN). You can create a VPN connection by entering a dynamic domain name for your home network. Note You need to modify the authentication and encryption of the VPN connection based on the configuration of the VPN server, right-click the VPN connection, select Properties, and switch to the Security tab to set up.

7 Tablet PC in ipad For example, go to "settings | general | network | VPN, select Add VPN configuration and, depending on the configuration of the VPN server, select the correct VPN server type above, such as "PPTP", and type the address, account, and other information of the VPN server below. Click the "Save" button in the upper-right corner to set up | VPN "connects to a VPN server on a home network.

8 smartphone with Android 4.3 system smartphone For example, type settings | Wireless and Network | VPN, click the plus sign in the upper-left corner, type a custom VPN server name, select the appropriate server type from "type" in the VPN server configuration, and type the server dynamic domain name, and click the Save button. Then click on the VPN connection, type the username, password, you can connect the home network VPN server.

9. You can also use the passion of a key restart the router tool to restart the router remotely, without manual operation.

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