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2003, is a year of rapid development of China's advertising industry. China's total advertising business for the first time to break through the hundred billion mark, reached 107.8 billion yuan, 19.44% growth rate of six years, the increase in the new record.

In the rapid development of China's advertising industry, iresearch monitoring data show: 2003 China's network advertising market size reached 1.08 billion yuan, compared with 2002 's 490 million yuan growth of 120%. Such a strong momentum of development shows that even if online advertising now accounts for only 1% of the total advertising business, but its market development space, the prospect of a wide range of understandable.

The Internet media Quarterly report shows that: in 2003, the adoption rate of Internet media in enterprises reached 54.7%, which has surpassed the adoption rate of the magazine, which further proves that the network media is growing into the fourth kind of mainstream media after TV, radio and print media.

The expansion of the market scale, more and more industry influx, for the network advertising practitioners, is undoubtedly a gospel. But at the same time, we must be soberly aware of: How to enlarge the communication effect of network advertising, to meet the increasing demand of customers, is a major challenge for network advertising operators.

NetEase for many years of practical experience, the full use of excellent online advertising management tools to effectively promote customer-centric integrated marketing communications, and strive to create a good network advertising environment, is to meet the above challenges.

focus on management tools innovation, overall optimization of marketing solutions, improve ROI
"I know I have a waste of advertising, but unfortunately I do not know where to waste," This is a common problem for advertisers.

NetEase said: "To make advertisers more professional, more effective investment in their marketing and advertising budgets, to reduce the invisible waste, to provide customers with third-party monitoring reports and excellent marketing programs is very important." The introduction of international standards of marketing tools and solutions should be the network advertising platform providers can not shirk the mission. ”

It is from the interests of advertisers and partners, November 2003, NetEase and DoubleClick (double-click Software company) powerful combination, using the DoubleClick of the latest upgraded advertising, management and online marketing reporting tools Dart Enterprise 5.1 and professional e-mail marketing solutions Clickm@iler. DART Enterprise 5.1 is a system that provides one-to-one marketing based on tracking, recording user preferences and behavior. Clickm@iler is a long-term personalized email marketing solution by tracking user email usage.

To give a simple example, a real estate advertising target audience for the Beijing area, with the help of Dart Enterprise 5.1, the system automatically identifies the user's area by tracking the IP address of the user's region and, if it is a user in the Beijing area, calls the ad from the background; if the other zone , then pull out the other ads. The process of identifying a user's area and targeting a targeted ad is short-lived and does not have any impact on the user. In this way, both can produce the best advertising effect, but also can accurately touch the target audience to affect and timely delivery of product information. In addition, Enterprise 5.1 as a reliable third-party advertising monitoring system, its impartiality, advertisers are more willing to accept.

e-mail advertising as a traditional form of advertising, although has long been used in China, but because of technology, database and other factors, has not been very good development. As one of the three domestic portal sites and the largest mailbox provider, NetEase has 194 million of registered users, a huge user database for email marketing has laid a solid foundation. Through Clickm@iler, the system will analyze the user's browsing behavior and preference degree after sending the email, and then automatically revise and form the target audience database which is really suitable for advertisers. Advertisers can be based on the refinement of the user database, targeted the development of mail content. Clickm@iler also ensures that the target audience receives the information they really need. This can not only effectively improve the accuracy of mail marketing, but also to enable advertisers to receive better transmission effect and higher return on investment.

realize the line of online interaction, four years together to create a "shining Star"

Nowadays, the Internet advertisement is favored by more and more advertisers, but in the actual operation, advertisers often fall into an erroneous zone, that is, the network is only as a kind of advertising media and independent existence, and not fully utilize its characteristics and resources to maximize the spread of integrated marketing.

Practice tells us that in accordance with the specific needs of customers, the formulation and implementation of their business objectives to achieve the integrated marketing program, to achieve online interaction under the line, is a good way to solve this problem.

Unified Enterprise is NetEase a four-year partner, "Unified Iced Tea" is one of its flagship products. In the face of the fierce competition of tea beverage market, in order to stand out from many competitors, unified understanding, can not always rely on the traditional mode of promotion, but must open up a unique channel of communication, in order to rapidly expand the unified ice tea market share, improve its brand awareness and loyalty.

In fact, iced tea is targeted at the consumer groups mainly young people, and college students are its target consumers of the most central part of the crowd. Aiming at college students ' pursuit of fashion and dreams, like to try new things and dare to meet the challenges of the characteristics, unified creation of the "Unified ice black tea shining star singer Audition", in the nationwide set off a "young without limit" of "star-building campaign."

As one of the three portal sites in China, NetEase has a young, free, fashionable brand personality, with the "Unified iced Tea" the same target audience. And the United and NetEase, two strong brands to work together to fully utilize and play their respective advantages in the industry and influence, so that both sides co-sponsored the "Unified Ice Black tea star singer Audition" gradually become a long-term, healthy and well received by young people's favorite activity brand.

First, NetEase give full play to its extensive experience in website promotion, set up the "Shining Star" official website (, provide online registration and activities of the detailed report. Secondly, by analyzing the target audience of activities, select targeted platform, the activities of large-scale online promotion, through publicity, NetEase will not only the event information to the university students throughout the country, but also focus on the "shining Star" activities of the user further introduced to the "Unified ice Black Tea" product site, Greatly increased the "unified iced Tea" exposure rate. Again, in order to increase interactivity, so that more students participate in activities, NetEase also held the online music table vote, set up the "NetEase Best popularity Award." College students who fail to participate in competitions can upload their works to the official website of the "Shining Star", openly allowing netizens to audition and vote. Netizens reacted enthusiastically to the award and received more than 450 candidate songs in the 2003 event, with online polling rolling out, with a total vote of more than 220,000.

Integrated marketing communication is not only the online part, under the line, NetEase and "Unified iced Tea" launched a series of promotional activities. Hold a press conference, post a poster, distribution of promotional materials and product packaging instructions, the organization of "Unified iced Tea" brand spokesperson-the Asian small diva Stefanie Sun attended the finals and online interviews and other series of activities, not only enhance the interaction with the target consumers and communication, but also improve the impact of the competition in the country, so that "unified ice tea" Brand image has been further enhanced.

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