How does the Win7 camera open?

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  How do you drive the Win7 camera? How to drive? how can I see the camera in the Windows7 system "My Computer"? We can use the following 5 ways to solve.

First, into the Device Manager, to see if there is a camera device, if there is, enter my computer will see this icon, double-click it will open, if not, then need to install a camera driver. When the driver is installed, it will be seen in my computer. So you can open it.

Second, run QQ software to open Win7 camera

This software is the most familiar, you can use its video settings to open the camera. Run QQ software, open "system settings", in the "Friends and Chat" tab select Voice Video, click the "Video Settings" button, this time will be pop-up Video Settings window, select good video equipment, you can see the camera preview screen, through the "Quality control" button will adjust the screen to their own satisfactory effect can be. This method trouble to install QQ software, but QQ software should be a lot of people must software it. Some other communication software also has this function, such as MSN.

Third, download AMCap to open the Win7 camera

Win7 No camera preview software, preview function to use the Third-party software, download a amcap on the internet, about 300K, installed after the AMCap shortcut to the C: User Native user name Appdataroamingmicrosoftwindowsnetwork Shortcuts directory so you can find this icon in My computer.

Four, starting with Windows Vista, the system has no camera shortcuts. Therefore, in the Windows7, even if the camera has been loaded intact, can be used normally, also do not see its icon or shortcut. What if you want to see the camera in the computer? Just try: Put a shortcut to the camera program on the computer.

1, open the Start menu, the right button "computer" select "Management."

2. In the left column of the Computer Management window, double-click Device Manager. Then, locate the image device from the right column and click Open. Right-click on the camera device and select Properties.

3. On the Driver tab, click Driver Details to see the detailed path to the. exe file (usually located under the system disk Windows folder).

4, in the system disk, follow the path to find this program file, right mouse, select "Create Shortcut", stored on the desktop.

5, back to the desktop, right click on the shortcut, "copy." Then open the following folder:

System disk: Users username appdataroamingmicrosoftwindowsnetwork shortcuts

For example C:usersxiaoyiappdataroamingmicrosoftwindows network Shortcuts (AppData is a hidden folder.) If you don't see it, click the Organize-〉 folder and search options. On the View tab, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives. )

"Paste" the shortcut in.

6, open "Computer", now you can see the camera icon.

Five, download a call win7 camera software, also very convenient

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