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In the daily work, we often have to do a variety of forms, and sometimes use Word to do forms, but most of the time, use Word to make table adjustment too troublesome, as the spreadsheet Excel fast, easy to adjust. This tutorial is an introductory tutorial for Excel 2003, detailing the process of making a general Excel table. Before making a form, you need to think about the general layout and style of the table in your mind so that the actual operation can be completed smoothly.

1. Create a new Excel file.

2. Draw a good draft on the papyrus, you will need the data table style and number of columns and rows to determine. For example I need to build a five-element six-column table, the top is the header row.

3. In new Excel, select the number of table rows you want with your mouse, and then right-click, format cells-borders, and select the outline, inner border, as needed in presets.

4. Add borders as needed. If it's a heading, you can remove the outer border and merge the horizontal or vertical tables. The method also selects the table that you want to set (the first row), then right click on Format cell-align, and then select merge cells.

5. Adjust the header line according to the length and width of the title. If my title is "xxxxxx Company table" topic is relatively long, the title line to widen, set the "line Wrap" method as above, and then indent as necessary, adjust the center, and then set the font size.

Look at the chart before the adjustment:

Adjust the table according to the font, as shown in figure:

6. After filling in the other blanks, the same adjustment can be done according to the content.

7. If you need to print, you will set the page. Our table is horizontal, so select "File"--"Page Setup", select "Landscape", and print a preview. If you want center printing but the table is in the upper-left corner of the page, adjust the margins. After adjusting the position, you can print.

8. If you need to insert this table into a Word document for other uses, it is also simple. First save the Excel table you just made as a filename, device table, to the desktop. The page is set to landscape, otherwise the table will not be fully displayed. In the Word document where you need to insert, click the mouse, then select "Insert"---"Object"--"Create by File", then locate the device table that you just saved, insert, OK, and then insert it into Word. The effect chart is as follows:

Following the results of a class as an example: this is a result, the project has been entered into the form, but there is no table head, the results are not calculated, if printed, the page is not set.

First, now add the table header to this table:

First insert a row as the header. Right-click "1" to the left of the "name" column (see below) in the dialog box that appears, we click Insert, so there is one more line, (you can insert multiple rows in the same way). Also, right-click the leftmost number that represents the row to delete the corresponding row. You can add a table header to this line (see Figure 2).

When you enter header content, you merge cells, how do you combine cells? In the top cell above the name column, hold down the left mouse button to the right, and pull to the top of the "Memo" column (the selected cell is light blue) for neat purposes. Then click Merge Cell button on the top toolbar as shown (2): So that we can enter the header content, by adjusting the font size, font selection to achieve satisfaction. As shown in figure:

Ii. Evaluation of Achievements:

(average points of calculation):

Now to calculate the average score of each student's score, (calculate a student's average score first) method is as follows:

1, click cell F3.

2, click on the toolbar

The drop-down arrow.

3, in the pop-up drop-down menu, we click "Average", and then get the following figure:

The meaning of the picture: B3 refers to the "Zhang Qian Wei" language results; E3 refers to the "other" results, b3:e3 meaning is to calculate the language, mathematics, English, the average score of other achievements, the middle part of the omitted.

Then, when you enter, you get the average score for the student. As shown in figure:

Calculation of the average score of other students:

1, the mouse points to F3 cell, when this cell is surrounded by a black box, that is the average of the calculation of the cell, that is, 82 of the position.

2., the mouse, that is, black cross placed in the F3 cell black box in the lower right corner of the gap, as shown in the red circle of the place:

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