How Excel workbooks relate to worksheets

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Just learning Excel users, the face of books on the work of thin, worksheets, difficult to understand these concepts!

Below, this article gives you a detailed description of how workbooks in Excel relate to worksheets, and how to understand the concepts of workbooks and worksheets.

I. Work-THIN

First, let's look at the picture below. Take a look at the title section.

"My work thin. xls", which is an XLS extension, refers to an Excel file. The Excel file refers to a work-book.

Simply put, an Excel file, which is an XLS file, refers to a work-book.

Ii. Work Sheet

Now, let's see, as in the Excel file above, there are Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 three worksheets.

Now, we can add a few worksheets to this workbook, such as Sheet4, SHEET5, SHEET6, etc. above.

Now, you should understand, a workbook, you can add worksheets, you can delete worksheets, and you can modify names for worksheets.

Like the following figure.

Right-click on any worksheet and the menu pops up. The actions of the worksheet are in the menu in the previous illustration.

Iii. the relationship between the work sheet and the workbook

Now you should understand that the worksheet is subordinate to the workbook, which is a kind of inclusion relationship, that is, the worksheet ∈ Work thin.

For a simple example, the workbook is the equivalent of a book, and the worksheet is equivalent to every page in the book. Without a workbook, there will never be a worksheet. Workbooks are made up of worksheets, and worksheets must be built on top of the workbook, and worksheets cannot exist alone.

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