How Exchange 2010 Removes the system default mailbox database

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After you install the Exchange mailbox role, you will find that the system automatically generates the corresponding default database, which is related to the number of mailbox database server roles:

In the actual application of the enterprise, we based on the early high-availability planning, basic will establish their own mailbox database, so will consider the default mailbox database deletion, but these databases have very important system default mailbox accounts. Therefore, before we delete the default mailbox database, we first migrate these system default mailbox accounts to the newly created database, in this case I have created two new mailbox databases, DB01 and DB02, respectively.

The following is the result of the move: Be sure to note that the Move Request status label (move requester status) is completed (completed) to start disconnecting and removing the database.

Attempt to disconnect the database mount:

Try to remove the database:

Results received the following error: The reason is that in addition to the newly deleted view of the mailbox, the system default database also holds other hidden resources, we have to go through the EMS to see.

Re-mount the database, to the EMS to view system mailbox resources on the system database, the following mailbox database 1412025433 as an example (for different default DB, on the corresponding mailbox server run EMS as Administrator)

Run the following command: Get-mailbox-database "Mailbox Database 0138714467"-arbitration | Ft-wrap-auto

Use the following command to move the system mailbox to DB01

Get-mailbox-database "Mailbox Database 1412025433"-arbitration | New-moverequest-targetdatab DB01

Check again mailbox Database 1412025433 a system mailbox on

You have seen no system mailbox, you can delete the default database on MB1 in EMC

Pop-up Waring, follow the prompts to remove the default database. edb file just fine

To delete the database to the appropriate path, you can see the default mailbox database on MB1 mailbox 1412025433 is not available. The other system default mailbox database deletion method and the same as above, the same can be deleted.

At this point, the default mailbox database on both mailbox is deleted.

How Exchange 2010 Removes the system default mailbox database

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