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Imagine a scene: when you come home with your tired body, your robot housekeeper has prepared the meals for you, cleaned the room, slipped the dog, and even helped you with your child's homework, and you were very comfortable and looking forward to the day. Of course, the future also has another possibility: the machine completely replaces your work, causes you to wander around in the big city, but also avoids the robot war police the ethnic cleansing at any time.

Wikipedia on the definition of artificial intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI) also known as Machine Intelligence, refers to the artificial production of the system shown by the intelligence. Popular understanding is: "Think" of the procedure.

About artificial intelligence and human love to kill, countless literature and film and television works have had a profound discussion. Remember when I was a kid watching Spielberg's movie "Artificial Intelligence" Marvel? In just a few decades, the real world we have alpha go, with Microsoft Xiaoice, with the can chat with you Siri. You once thought that the very distant future is coming into our life. Scientists are so confident that they even think we are only 10 years or even shorter from the full AI era.

------"Western World", "Black Mirror" two of hot play, for us to simulate a real future life. Compared to the Western world, the Black Mirror is more likely to be our future.
I love the story of the western world, exploring the entanglement between people and the robots that are about to awaken. But the dark humor described in the Black mirror is more likely to become a reality because of the interconnected networks, the perfect large data, or the advances in artificial intelligence, and it is a non-stop approach to our reality.

------How close artificial intelligence is to us. The 5-bit AI in your phone may give you an answer.
In addition to Siri, there are a few apps that can give you a glimpse of:
1. Many neighboring countries it is an application that leads the user to learn a variety of foreign languages, in which the AI plays the role of "private sparring" that talks with you and helps you correct errors.
2. Luka a chat language application, it built a wide range of chat robots, the equivalent of an AI team, "news" "weather" needs to pay attention to my latest facts and weather changes, "GIF" "video" and so on according to my request search content. The teams that specialize in each other will also transfer to a more appropriate personality to solve the problem.
3. The Roll is a fairly intelligent photo management application. The use of AI to help users solve since the popularity of mobile phone photography has always been the pain point------A large number of photos of the classification, screening, cleaning. It uses visual identity technology to analyze mobile phone photos, automatically match keywords, and then according to different themes (architecture, people, food, etc.), location, keywords for grouping and labeling.
4. Quartz is a news application. Its interface is like most chat applications, the right user is me, the left is quartz------a tireless push to me news, and from time to time to write a variety of pictures, gif and cold knowledge of the reliable guy.
5. Carrot To-Do This application will be ordinary reminders into a human urge, sometimes nagging, sometimes spoiled, but also timely give you care and encouragement.
What distinguishes humans from other creatures on Earth is the skillful use of tools. Artificial intelligence is actually a kind of advanced "tool" made by human being, and there is no essential difference between chopsticks, car and mobile phone. When mature ai comes into your life completely, everything looks perfect.

------no longer afraid to write the paper, Ai to be a small assistant.
Enter the graduation season, whether you indulge in paper. The face of voluminous literature is impossible. This AI, Iris, may be able to save you. Do not misunderstand, this AI can not help you to write a paper, it can do is to filter the information quickly for you, when you do not know where to start research, for you to guide the direction. This is an AI that has "read" 30 million of documents and more than 2000 Ted lectures, and it can find out what you need to do according to your research topic and mark the correlation.

------do not have to find a variety of home appliances remote control and crazy, turn on the lights, watch TV only one sentence.

------no longer worry about being a single dog for a lifetime, it is said that a robot companion is better than a real person.

------do not need to suffer from terminal illness and despair, AI can give human life. Let cancer cells die and use AI to find cures for incurable diseases.

------The Robot World War in sci-fi movies will come true. That day may not be far away.

------If AI rules the world, how humans need to survive.

------Want to have a smart and good AI machine, in the end can not be.

------How the ethical code for artificial intelligence should be written.

From "Skynet" in "Terminator" to "Western world" in the "Dolores", countless film and television works have been photographed human buried in the heart of the deepest forced also delusional disease: AI out of control. If AI had self-awareness, they would do something terrible.

Why should we make artificial intelligence? Some people say the answer is simple, "because we can [because]". Man has used this phrase as an answer to countless questions, full of courage and confidence, yet revealing a dangerous arrogance. To break through the coding of their DNA sequences to explore deeper potential, has always been the pursuit of human dreams and goals. The exploration of artificial intelligence technology is actually the exploration of human's own way of thinking, the interrogation of the moral standard of artificial intelligence is the torture of human nature itself.

Technology can be advanced, but not beyond human nature. Nuclear power is used to make weapons when the human nature of the delta erupts. Technology itself is not right and wrong, the problem is always we can not escape the human limitations.

There is a story in the Bible: Once Upon a time, humans on Earth speak the same language and share the same culture. Out of the longing for heaven, they decided to build together a Babetalay to the Holy Land of that heart. For God to disrupt the human language so that they can not communicate, seven days and seven nights of heavy rain washed away the Tower of Babel. This is God's punishment for human beings to transcend boundaries.

Where the boundaries of technology are. Finding boundaries does mean that we have to break it and bear the consequences of crossing the line. Whether artificial intelligence will become the next Tower of Babel story. Only time can give us an answer.

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