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Common skills in Excel when you perform complex arithmetic operations in Excel, the calculated results are sometimes slightly different from the results of the electronic calculator, especially in the case of multiple division operations leaving more than a few, the arithmetic "error" is very easy to produce, the reason is that excel in addition to the endless circumstances, Values are not rounded automatically. This is certainly not permissible in demanding financial statements, and there are two ways to avoid this "error":

1. Use the Round function to round the median value the format of the Round function in Excel is: Round (numeric, reserved decimal places), which acts as a rounding of the specified number and retains the specified number of decimal places. For example, round (8.8888,2) means rounding the thousand points of 8.8888, The result is 8.89, of course, for the convenience of work, the value of this function can also be a cell address or other arithmetic formula, each intermediate value after this processing the final result of the calculation and calculator calculated the same.

2. Correctly set the Excel option to avoid the "error" the above function method is convenient, but when you encounter a large Excel table, if each cell to set this function, the workload is too great, then we can enter Excel [Tools]→[menu]→[option]→[recalculation], in the " Workbook options Check "to show accuracy", the Excel "error" can also be effectively avoided, and by default this small option is not checked.

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