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  One, style

Recommend a style, flat.

Why do you recommend this? The advantages of flattening are probably as follows:

1 understanding and easy and easy

2) visual effect is good

3 do not need too much matching map

4 to make the audience more concerned about the content

5) Simple Production

This style is actually more suitable, will not give people a very fancy feeling, the production is relatively simple.

When flat ppt is made, there are several places to note:

1 without high light and shadow

2) Multi-use rectangles and symbols

3) with good icon

 Second, color matching

Recommend two kinds:

1) Dark Series (blue/purple/green etc) 2 from the school badge

The dark reason is because the color depth will give people a more serious feeling, more suitable for defense.

But the color words in fact and with the school emblem to decide, for example, we are green schools, then I can choose to use a dark blue as the main color of the PPT, and then with white text and so on.

Recommend three color combinations for everyone:

Blue, light gray, dark gray

When the representative cool blue, the encounter light gray small fresh, as well as elegant generous dark gray, bring to the judges visual enjoyment, but also without losing the seriousness of the defense.

Blue, green, dark grey

Blue cold, green vigor, dark gray elegance, complement each other, want to not high-end atmospheric grade is difficult. Mother said, believe that Xiao Li must be right!

Purple, light gray, dark gray

Purple June said: "I am very noble and cool, but also will be proud charming;" Light gray June said: "I just small fresh, dark gray gentleman said:" Who is more elegant than me more generous?

  Third, the layout content

In fact, the content of PPT content design, defense is generally around the paper,

Most of them are divided into, cover, table of contents, transition page, etc., when it comes to the specific time is generally, the introduction of the paper, Introduction, experimental results and other data.

These only need to use some fixed layout on it.

Here's a very important design: the navigation bar.

The navigation bar is the PPT directory, but it appears in every ppt, always remind the judges to know what to say now, this one is very important.

Because the teacher may be distracted, then they can follow the navigation bar to know what you have said, what you are talking about, and quickly keep up with the thinking.

The navigation bar is designed in two ways: the left and the top

Navigation bar can make your ppt at a glance, recommended use Oh, you can go to the petals of the net to search for the corresponding content, and then directly copied over, petal Web site:, this is a designer of the exchange community

The advantage is that you can find a lot of ppt templates, see the appropriate layout and design, direct imitation is no problem (for yourself)

Cover, over page these can be found here, direct reference on the line.

  Four, font

Recommend some font combinations for everyone

Text recommended: 1 Microsoft YA black 2) Microsoft Ya Black Light 3) XXFarEastFont-Arial Black

Title recommendation 1-Huayi Gold Black 2) Bold 3) italic


1 Microsoft Ya-hei

Microsoft ya black for sans serif font, font generally mean, compare million essential oil, suitable for serious formal occasions.

2 Chinese fine Black

XXFarEastFont-Arial Fine black for flat design, slim and well-proportioned, finer than Microsoft James Black

3 English fonts: XXFarEastFont-Arial Black

Chinese fine black is fine, can also be used in Latin language fonts, in line with the flat design style

  V. Title

1 Hua Kang Li Jin Hei

Hua Kang Li Gold Black overall feeling will be more lively, compared with the slightly serious Microsoft Ya Black collocation, can play the role of embellishment, so that the reply text is not so boring. Excessive use will appear more impetuous, flashy

2) Fangzheng North Wei dynasty regular script simplified

Founder of the North Wei Dynasty regular script is more full, thicker, suitable as a reply to the cover and back of the font, there is a thick Chinese wind.

  Vi. Charts and graphs

Mainly three parts.

1 Use a good form

The form is the form with the PPT, and it will be much better after good use.

2 Use a good SmartArt

SmartArt can be used to illustrate logical relationships ~

3) General Chart

This part of the most important content, is the foundation beautification, the chart words directly changes the data to be possible.

Landscaping note three points: alignment, color, content font Unity

  Seven, animation

There is only one principle: taboo random animation, because the random animation will affect people's vision, affect the audience's ideas and recommend some animation combinations, you can go to try

1) Fade out + zoom

2) path + fade out

3) Zoom + Gyro Spin

4) path + Erase

5 path + Gyro-spin

This is a number of defense PPT need to pay attention to, but also is the ordinary ppt derivative some just

With these, and then tell everyone some commonly used to find material sites, basically no problem ~

The material is divided into five pieces: pictures, fonts, icon, tools, color website

i) pictures

1, Librestock This is a foreign 43 free image site search engine, such as Pexel, Pixabay, pictures are free and can be downloaded directly. Do not need to save a Web site, and then use the time do not know which to choose.

2, Unsplash is also a foreign free picture website, not only can download, the focus is the picture can be commercial!

3, Forwallpaper Forwallpaper is a very conscience of the wallpaper download site, the pictures according to different uses of the classification, high quality.

If you want to find some pictures related to the school, you can try to Lofter search related blog, because some people who like photography in the school will send the pictures of the school here, very convenient

II) fonts

1, 1001freefonts This is a foreign English font website. Font According to the effect of classification, such as 3D, hand-painted, and some even PS can make the effect, the disadvantage is only English.

2, Admin5 also compare the entire Chinese font download site, all kinds of basic have, direct download use. However, the proposal has the ability to support the original version of the possible Oh!

3, the font network sometimes see very good-looking font, but do not know what it is, it is really crazy ah! This time you can try to find the font network, directly upload image recognition, and then easy to download

III) icon

Icon is some small icons, do ppt with some icon not only can play a visual role, but also make information clear, clearer.

Iconfinder can directly search a lot of high-quality, free flat icon, very useful, but some are charged.

Icons8 is also a flat icon website, there are clients can be installed, the use of the icon can be directly from the client directly dragged to PPT.


Look tired of flat, and occasionally come here to try the other style is also good ~

IV) color

Recommend everyone a website, in the reply PPT can come here to look for, according to the color you want to feel

V) Tools

If you do not PS, want to go to the image watermark, you can use the United States Mito, the effect is also good, and the United States Mito has an online version:

Baidu Echarts Baidu an online chart generator, there are a variety of well-designed templates, tired of the PPT with ugly charts can try, but modify the editor need some HTML basis

The last one is a tool for exchanging PDFs and Office files.

Quick PDF Converter, ppt can be directly transferred to the PDF, you can also turn back, very convenient.


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