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Assemble the computer process of the friend will tend to the power of the cold, like to focus attention to the processor (CPU) and independent graphics, memory and other major computer components, and often on the power is not how to care, which is the most easily in the power to obtain more profits in the reason, The stability of computer power supply is directly related to whether the whole machine can operate stably and whether it can work properly. Today, Green Resource Network editor to talk to you about the choice of computer power to assemble computers.

First of all, I would like to introduce the computer power to choose, first computer power to see the brand, the general domestic more word-of-mouth is the Great Wall, aviation Jia, Cool King, Kim and other power are relatively good, last year, Green Resource Network Editor in Cool Fun Technology Co., Ltd. is also doing power technology in this respect For example, their company's best power is Tarzan and the United States base power, do not know that there is no use, quality is still good, although there is no word of mouth in the country, but the price is very affordable, because the price is low, the profit is less, the company's staff treatment is generally low, this is the force for the company often have employees resign the main factor, From which I also realized what kind of power better, here to talk about personal experience: a good power supply must have PFC,PFC is a standard computer power, you can certainly have PFC power is very heavy, take in the hands are relatively heavy. Second: Look at power computer power often has such as for p4-400, note that here 400 is not the computer rated power just label. Third: Look at the power of the fan general large fan power quality is also good, of course, the quality of the fan is also a very important part of the power damage is often due to fan failure caused by power damage.

Everyone has their own computers, but few users of their own computer power, especially for the power to choose from the assembly of the computer, is generally based on the recommendations of the business, choose a 350W or 400W power supply specifications, or greater, are clear big no problem, but small certainly will have problems. This article will introduce how to choose the right power and simple computer power calculation method.

To view the rated power of the computer here is a recommended online computing power Power Tool: this website to choose the model of computer hardware to know how much power the power needs.

Calculation method of computer power

The common computer power calculation methods are:

1, the simplest way is to use the Ammeter card to connect the chassis power supply input or output test current, and then use the voltage u times the current I get power and then add, but the result of this test is the actual use of power, the reference is not significant.

2, the power of the notebook in general 60w-70w around, the computer manufacturers are calculated, the power is generally random match.

3, according to each parts of the rated power consumption calculation, is generally referred to the datasheet of the product, so that the measured power is very close to the actual rated power.

The following list of several common parts of the power comparison table, the general process more advanced power consumption will be smaller, of course refers to the same rate and with the same configuration, but also refers to the setting of the full load under the operation of the normal power value, the actual use of such as the fan is speed, the CPU can save power mode, hard disk can be closed, the system can be standby and so on, Power consumption will be reduced.

name power note
80w-150w and CPU models differ greatly, before configuring please check the
graphics 10w-250w integrated video graphics in general around 10W, the majority of independent graphics more than 30W, or even 250W, horror bar
hard disk 8w-10w
motherboard 25-35w
3w around  
CD-ROM drive 20w around  
mouse, keyboard, NIC (now generally integrated), CPU fan, chassis fan, sound card, and so on  

In addition to the CPU and graphics cards, other parts add up to about 100W, so everyone in the purchase of power should be mainly considered CPU and video card power, (if the integrated graphics only need to add 10-20w can be, that is, 120W, and then only need to consider CPU power), CPU power has data to check. If you also need to increase the video capture card and other independent card, but also need to add some power.

Several problems of power supply selection

1, the power supply is greater the better

About the common misunderstanding of power selection, it is not my power supply power is better, we all know that there is a power supply concept of power, in the rated power, the conversion efficiency of the power supply is the highest, if the choice of power rated power is too high, then the power supply is a long-term low conversion rate of state, electricity consumption will increase, It is wrong to say no increase in power consumption on the Internet.

2, the importance of power

Computer power is absolutely important for the stable operation of the system, in particular, your host on the existence of counterfeit (such as memory, etc.), the more obvious products, the choice of reliable manufacturers are absolutely not wrong, the working state of the power supply and temperature, humidity, voltage dynamic range, overload protection and so have a great relationship, according to the suggestion of the day, The power must not be cheap to buy inferior, more money to buy regular authentic absolute value.

3, the power supply overload

General power supply will support the rated power of about 10% of the instantaneous overload, but the duration can not be too long, but also may be a few seconds or 10 seconds, a long time overload may damage the power supply. Like a 10-ton truck, overloading for a long time will certainly press down. Power is the same, the current computer power is basically the use of switching power supply, switching power supply has a small power consumption, high efficiency, small size, wide range of voltage and so on, most of the power supply to the continuous overload will take overload protection mode, but also some power will be directly burned off. So the power of the best state of the work in the rated power state, the occasional overload is no problem, but also does not rule out the stability of the problem.

Calculation of rated power of non-standard rated power supply

There are also many power supply manufacturers do not indicate the rated power, although it is also in line with the norms, the feeling is still a consumer suspicion, it is necessary to let everyone use p=u*i calculation to know. You can refer to the following method to calculate:

ATX 2.03 calculation method: +5v output current *10= rated power

ATX 12V 1.3 calculation method: (+5v output current + 4) *10= rated power

ATX 12V 2.2 calculation method: [(+12V1 output current + +12v2 output current) +10]*10= rated power, in which +12 is the expression voltage is not programmed by the + + operation.

The above ATX 2.03, ATX 12V 1.3, ATX 12V 2.2 are ATX specification standards, which must be marked in any ATX-compliant power supply, and the current values in the formula are usually marked on the power supply in the form of a list, if not even this, Either a power supply that does not conform to the ATX specification, or a shoddy cottage (of course it is not necessarily a cottage *_*).

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