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According to Websense, as many as 70% of internet users said they were unwilling to read for more than 8 seconds, more than 70% would abandon online browsing and shopping for "slow Web downloads". The speed of the site has a direct impact on the site's traffic, and the site's access to almost the interests of the site directly linked, so the speed of the site has become a business and webmaster concerns. The author of how to improve the speed of the Web site to put forward their views, I hope to help.

Statistics show that in China, 90% of the corporate Web site chooses the virtual host as a Web site space. Therefore, the choice of a good virtual host is the key to ensure speed and stability. From the current development of IDC in China, the solution to the stability and speed of the virtual host has become the focus of the service providers ' competition. At present, the more effective two solutions are to adopt intelligent multi-wire room and mirror acceleration engine. Intelligent multi-wire room can effectively solve the bottleneck of the north-South exchange of visits, the principle is through intelligent judgment, intelligent identification of the Internet users are telecommunications or netcom, and then processing, telecommunications network to return to the telecommunications IP address, netcom Internet access to the network IP address, automatic access to the fastest path to achieve north- Like the current major host launch of the dual-line space, three line space, multiple line space. Here, because I contact this piece of business more, so the host service provider stability and speed have a more in-depth understanding, such as a friend want to buy can directly contact me yo!

Choose a good virtual host, then the next step is to practice the internal strength, that is, from our site itself to address the speed of access. Below tells everybody speeds up the website to visit the speed Seven step song

one, to run fast, please lose weight first

We browse the Web to actually download the contents of the Web page from the virtual host to the local hard drive, and then explain the view in the browser. Download the speed of the page in the display rate accounted for a large proportion, so the page itself occupies a smaller space, then the faster browsing speed. This requires that when you do the Web page to follow the principles of basics, such as: Do not use too large flash animation, pictures and other resources. A clean, concise page gives a sense of clarity.

Two , change a vest, run faster

As we all know, ASP, PHP, JSP and other programs to achieve the Dynamic Web page information interaction, it is really very convenient to run, because their data interaction is good, can easily access, change the content of the database, so that the site "move" up, such as: Forum, message board and so on. However, this kind of program must first be processed by the server, generate HTML page, and then "send" to the client browsing, this will have to consume a certain amount of server resources. If you use this type of program on a virtual host too much, the page display speed will be slow, so there is no need, please try to use static HTML page.

三、一次 do not pack too much, divided into multiple transport

This is the problem of web design, a lot of webmaster in order to pursue the page unified alignment, the entire content of the page into a table (table), and then by the cell TD to divide the layout of each "block", the display speed of this site is absolutely slow. Because the table to wait for all the contents are loaded after the display, if some content is inaccessible, it will delay the entire page access speed. The right thing to do is to split the content into a few table with the same pattern, not all in a table.

four, put on casual clothes, reduce resistance

This is in ASP, ASPX, PHP and other programming should pay attention to, if you want to embed dynamic data in the static HTML page, and these dynamic data is provided by ASP, PHP and other programs, will use the following statement reference: So, every time a person visit your site, The server will execute and process the Tongji once. ASP files, from the database to extract the corresponding data, and then output to the Web page display, if tens of thousands of people visit at the same time, it is necessary to perform tens of thousands of times, the consequences can be imagined. It is recommended that data be generated dynamically in these programs to a 1. JS file to go, and then on the home page through < * * * src= "http://www." Xxx. COM/1. JS "></***> code like this to refer to the 1. JS file. In this way, the task of data display to the client's browser to do, will not consume the resources of the server, the display speed of natural quickly

five or one steps, two steps, acceleration run.

If you want to insert some advertising code on the site, and do not want to let these advertising sites affect the speed, then the use of IFRAME is the most appropriate. The method is: Put the advertising code to a separate page, and then in the first page with the following code to embed the page, so that will not because the delay of the advertising page dragged the entire home page display, the code is as follows:

Which http://www. 。 COM is the path to the referenced file.

Six, pay attention to skills, with less effort

At present, the site is like to put the site statistics, used to understand their own site visits. However, no matter how powerful the function of the site statistics system, there will be a time of failure. If you put the statistic code directly in front of the page, or in a table or div tag, then when the counter is inaccessible, the table or div on your page will have a delay of 10 seconds, causing the page to be accessed for a long time. So, to improve the speed of the website, we must pay attention to the location of the statistics code placement, the correct way is: Put the statistics code to the bottom of the page, and not with the content of the page in a table or div tag. You can place the statistic code directly at the bottom of the page code, or make a table or div to place the counter separately. In this way, the speed of your website will not be affected when the counter is inaccessible.

Seven, the competition first, friendship second

Links between the site can increase the publicity of the site, do logo picture links More accurate description of the theme of the site and positioning, publicity will be greatly enhanced, but the picture links do too much, will inevitably affect the speed of the page display. A lot of webmaster like to directly quote the picture URL on the friendship website, so that the picture must be loaded before it can be displayed, the access speed of each friendship site is different, the entire form must wait for the picture to be displayed, so that the speed of the page is greatly reduced. Therefore, do the friendship link should try to do:

1. Only do text links: Do text links will not delay the speed of the Web page.

2. Put all the links on a separate page, and then link to the page on the homepage.

3. If the link must appear on the homepage, please put the entire table of the link to the bottom of the page, because the page is displayed from top to bottom line by row, put it to the bottom of the page, will not delay the display of other content.

4. Links to the Logo pictures first downloaded and then uploaded to their own web space, so that the speed of their own web site space decisions and not affected by the friendship site.

Finally, let your site go one step at a one! Of course, there are other methods of skill, hope that the majority of webmaster friends and I communicate together!

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