How to modify the MathType mathematical formula in the paper into a small fourth-number font

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In peacetime thesis writing, do not pay attention to the details of the font is rarely set to a small fourth font , but when the paper is handed in, the text can be a button to change the font to a small fourth font, but the formula is not used to listen to, How can I use the mathematical formula of MathType editing in the paper to change it into a small fourth number font in bulk?

The font of paper writing is generally required to be a small fourth-letter font. In fact, for those who have seen mathtype the tutorial, it is not difficult to modify the mathematical formula of MathType edit into a small fourth-number font, and it will be implemented quickly.

Step one double click on a formula in the paper, open the Math formula editor, click the Size----definition, open the Define Dimensions dialog box.

Step two in "complete" set the full size of the corresponding PT value, small fourth font corresponding to the PT value of 12, click the "OK" button.

Step three click Preset, Formula presets, save to file to set the change as the default profile.

Step four click the format formula on the MathType tab, on the Word2007 interface, and in the "Format equation" dialog box that pops up, select MathType preferrence File, click the "Browse" button, Locate the configuration file you just saved, select the "whole document" option, and then click OK.

After the above steps, you can wait for the MathType mathematical formula to successfully convert to a small fourth-number font. For the bulk modification of fonts, refer to Tutorial: How to Bulk Modify formula font and size in MathType. MathType Chinese official website can apply for free trial MathType 6.9 Chinese Latest version of the software, more tutorials can refer to MathType service center.

How to modify the MathType mathematical formula in the paper into a small fourth-number font

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