How to set the first few pages in word to not display the page number, and change the total number of pages at the same time

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When a Word document inserts a page number in the same file, it is always encoded from the first page to the last page. However, this file is an "outline" or "Preface" from page 1 to page 4 and does not need to be edited, since page 5th is the body, how can we make the page numbers start from 1 from page 5th? Of course, the same is true since 6th and 7.


The procedure is as follows:
1. Click the end of the last line on page 1, and then select-insert-separator-Next page to confirm.
2. View-header and footer: click the "switch between footer and footer" button on the toolbar of the header and footer, and then click the "previous link" button (to make it useless ), note that the operation sequence cannot be incorrect.
3. Click Insert-page number-format and select "start page number" as 1. Click "close" on the toolbar of the header and footer.
1. Insert data directly in the entire document. This is relatively simple. Click Insert-page number-format-select the number format to be inserted, and select the start page number as 1, click OK.
2. Insert multiple parts (that is, the document is divided into multiple parts, and the page numbers inserted in each part are different or some parts are not inserted). Here, we take the two parts as an example to illustrate, And the other parts can be followed in turn.
For example, if a document with five pages needs to be inserted from page 3rd, the first two pages are not inserted. The procedure is as follows:
1. Move the mouse to the last position of the second page, click Insert-separator-Separator Type to select "next page", and click OK. Then, the mouse moves to the third page;
2. Click Insert-page number display page number-format-select the number format to be inserted, select the start page number as 1, and click OK. At this time, we can see the page numbers starting from the third page are 1, 2, 3 ........., However, the previous two pages are also inserted with the page number, which can be solved by following Steps 3 and 4.
3. double-click the place where the page number is inserted on the third page. The toolbar of the header and footer is displayed. Click the "same as the previous" button (some versions are "link to the previous") (this function is enabled by default, click to cancel the link, and then close the link.
4. At this time, you can go back to the place where the page number is inserted on the first page and double-click the page number to delete it. The page numbers on the first and second pages disappear.
Of course, if you want to insert other symbolic page numbers on the first and second pages without page numbers, simply use the steps in the first case described above, it has no effect on the page numbers starting from the third page. Similarly, you can insert other signed pages in the document starting from the third page.



The following is a change to the total page number, because the first few pages do not have a page number, but the total page number does start from the home page.

Right-click the number on the total number of pages-switch the domainCodeCut the numpages and press Ctrl F9 to paste the curly braces. move the cursor to the end of the curly braces and select-1, right-click and choose "Switch domain code.

{= {Numpages}-1}

This is the case before switching. Do not copy this item. The curly braces are generated using CTRL F9. It is useless to copy it.

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