How is E3 1230v5 worth buying?

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   How is E3 1230v5 worth buying? Why do not now recommend the new six generation E3 V5 become everyone installed use this CPU?

Why E3 1230v5 no one to buy? A generation of "God U" rapid fall

Historical Review

In the early years E3 1230 V2 swept the period, with enough to crush the i5 of the super specifications and seconds to kill i7 affordable prices, the DIY players have their own a e3cpu proud. And the strong market performance also let Intel be aware of, so on the Skylake platform to completely let the server and consumer-level CPU division of the Chu Franco sector. And the same generation of E3 V5 is basically also by the majority of installed businesses and players abandoned. For what reason do you look down.

To have feelings or to be cost-effective?

B150 Motherboard and E3 V5, this CPU can only choose the level of such as C232 Server board. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why many E3 began to choose to defection, the more important problem is its expensive price; in fact, this is the most influential reason for its sales.

This also directly led to the E3 V5 sales dive, because of the loss of consumer-level areas of this important by the station and the father of the pet. Basically small weave think E3 series already is a salted fish. Sales are really empty.

i5 6500 and e3-1230 V5 price comparison (not even a fraction)

I believe you can see the above picture also understand small part of the problem, compared to the choice of two popularity in the shop to compare. Because the gap between the top shops is really too wide. Let's leave some face to the E3 series. But I'm sure we all know that E3 V5 is really not a good mix at the moment. But the interesting thing is that E3 V5 didn't let his price down for that reason. On the contrary, it has been in a very strong state, the small lion rough statistics about the price remained in the 1500~1549 range. The price is higher than the same generation of i5-6600k and E3 V3, which has a higher potential.

So in the end is to feelings or to be cost-effective, this issue you slowly consider it.

I5 6600K Why does it sell so much? Because you're buying 6500 more cost-effective.

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