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first, the cultivation of internal strength his experiment

Jin Yong Martial arts novels in the Warrior before the river, order studied decades, training basic skills, to Kung Fu practice to do again. Do SEO is also, before we go out to promote, first of all, the basis of our site to play well, that is, good lining, good, and then can be packaged to promote. Like entertainment circle stars, if they do not fix enough, only by speculation packaging, can only be short-lived, but can not pine evergreen. So for the site, what should we do on the basis of what?

1. Layout of home Page

The homepage is a website's façade, it designs the good or bad, directly affects the user experience, also affects the search engine to your website impression. Home must be clear to your site's compliance, it includes color, logo and so on. Does the character of your symbol enable users to quickly remember and understand quickly?

The layout of the home page must be clear, the theme should be clear, so that users know after the first glance who you are, what you can do, what can you provide for users? In the clear of this information, is to guide users step-by-Step in-depth web site, so that users look at the second eye, and the third eye, until you add to your site to favorites. (Favorites, do you know this trick?) If you can let users set your site as the home page, then congratulations, you are already the brand of this industry.

2, MO Gaudy

Do not blindly pursue the pursuit of visual effects, and ignore the user's most basic needs, I came here to obtain information. Bogey with a lot of pictures or flash, one of these things affect the download speed, perhaps the user did not open your site before he has chosen to leave, then you are gorgeous and what is the significance of it.

3. Clear Frame Structure

A good structure is like a city signpost, allowing pedestrians unimpeded, on the contrary, a bad structure, like people into the maze can not find direction. So how about a good architecture, first of all, to meet the browsing habits of most users, and not to ignore the user's experience for novelty.

4. Procedure

First, the program code should be concise, and then the program code should be safe, of course, any program is a loophole, but for the vulnerabilities have been found, we should be in the procedure to prevent.

5, Content

Web site structure and procedures are completed, then you have to prepare to walk the lake, that is, the site online. After the online update 2~3 article original article, these articles are the basic skills of your test, his experiment, you still have no confidence to continue lakes, if there is, please continue to look down.

Ii. imitation of competitors

On the battlefield to pay attention to a military tactics, if you want to defeat opponents, then the first step is to familiarize yourself with your opponents. Shenzhen website Construction believes that the level of familiarity with rivals may determine the final battle. So, this article is mainly about how to understand the opponent, and then learn the strengths of opponents and the weakness of the opponents, and finally surpass the competitors. However, our article mainly applies to search results under 10 million of the Enterprise website optimization, if the search results in more than 10 million, we need more skills.

The so-called imitation of competitors, that is to say, competitors do what we do. This is generally the site in the early days of operation, the weight of the site is not too high in the case of a means of operation. For example: The Western Han Dynasty before the emperor due to the disadvantage of cavalry, the Han Dynasty in the war with the Huns is always in a passive defensive state, to the emperor when he specifically promoted Wei Qing training cavalry, and learn the Huns immediately tactics, and in the grasp of the Huns loser Ahur Zhao letter did not kill him, and then is to reuse him to cultivate the Han Dynasty riding tactics, The last Han regardless of the number of cavalry or tactical on the overall beyond the Huns, and finally put an end to the Hun's border hidden dangers, and at one point, the "desert South without Wang Ting."

So, where do we learn to compete?

2.1 Learn how to optimize your competitors ' site.

A, title,keywords,description,alt, such as the wording of the label.

B, the layout of the internal link.

C, long tail keyword optimization.

D, H1 strong and other labels in where to use, how to use and so on.

E, the site's article: including the frequency of updates, article quality and so on.

F, the above 5 points are some of the basic knowledge of the station, we say imitation, not only the cottage, but the imitation side of learning, and then from each detail than the opponent to do better.

2.2 Learning the layout of competitors ' external links

A, analyze the source of the competitor's external links, that is, the source of his external links. For example: Opponents of the main source of the chain is the Forum, blog, classified information and so on. So let's start with these three sources to learn from him.

B, blog: Where competitors are applying for blogs, where are we going to apply for a blog, and why do we do that because, because of the blog you are applying for in the same blog portal, you have the opportunity to get the same weight as your opponent's blog because the weight of your blog's main station is the same. In the first 20 days of blog training do not rush to do the link, first published some original articles, in the blog to gain weight, only began to slowly increase the link.

C, Forum: Same as the blog, opponents in which forum hair, we are also in which forum hair. Here need to explain things, in the forum replies, it is best not to use similar "good" "learning" these meaningless words, time is long, may be sealed, or even delete stickers, so the loss outweighs the gains.

D, classified information: Classified information is very good outside the chain of resources, because their weight is very high, which is your competitors like them. Competitor sends the classified information website we all go to send an article, and in the text introduction this aspect must do better than the opponent, this also can increase your information clicks the quantity, thus enhances you this outside chain the weight.

2.3 Learning competitors is a long process, not only three minutes (three minutes is a metaphor) enthusiasm, must always pay attention to competitor's dynamics. Because the search engine's algorithm is often updated, then your competitor's SEO means will update with the algorithm update, learning is a long-term process, China has an old saying, "Learn to live to old."

 Third, innovation to achieve all-round transcendence

Often 2-3 months after the process of imitating competitors, your site has been a high weight, and has a good ranking, but it will take some time to surpass competitors. Japan's electrical appliances and cars in the world before the world-famous imitation of the United States, after more than 10 years of continuous imitation and learning, can not get the wrong user reputation, and then they put into research and development, innovative technology that Americans do not, so as to achieve their top level in these two industries.

SEO is the same, in our learning competitors in the process, we have accumulated a very rich experience, this is we need to innovate. Innovation is the opponents do not do well, we can do better. Before innovation, we need a process of analysis, in the process of imitation of our opponents, we have been very familiar with the opponents, then the next job is to analyze the opponents. Our opponents have done a very good job, we do not compete with him, for example: In World War II, Japan's bunker built very strong, we will not attack his bunker. So we're just going to analyze where our competitors are doing poorly and then we can do better than our opponents on this. Concrete can be analyzed from the following several aspects.

3.1 The number of competitors outside the chain: if the number of external chain of opponents is 100,000 levels, Then we do the above 1.2 of the three aspects of things, we do not need to imitate, because rely on your personal strength to do 100,000 level of the chain, perhaps your beard all grow very long, at this time you can through the hair belt outside the chain of soft wen, a good soft article can get hundreds or even thousands of reprint, and are very good quality outside the chain.

3.2 Competitor's article: Many enterprise website does not have the very good in this aspect, most articles are reprinted even is gathers. We can use this point, every day to adhere to the original article published, if the opponent's article is also original, then we will spend more time to do a better original, if the opponents send 3 articles every day, then we will send 5.

3.3 Station: Due to some of the restrictions on the site, many sites are directly stored in the site root directory, it is possible that your opponent is also the case, then we can start from this point, such as: News can be built to the information directory, the content of the article stored in this directory.

3.4 keyword density: Because most of the SEO technology articles are introduced keyword density can not exceed 5%, many seoer in order to fear more than this ratio, keyword density is far from enough. My experience here is that there is no proportion, as long as our keyword is not deliberately arranged, then I was reasonable, this you understand it.

Four, insist always win

I put the insistence is the victory change to insist always win, is not to play what word game. But SEO is a long-term and repetitive work, sometimes you insist that there will be no big harvest, so this time we need to have extraordinary endurance, six months, we will be a year, you ready? In fact, for corporate websites, if you insist on 3 months, you will have a surprise.

Five, beyond often in the details: SEO is not a technical work, more is the need for your careful thinking and the details of the grasp. Often in places that other people don't notice, you notice, and in the end you may be the winner.

This article by the Shenzhen website Construction to publish, reprint please indicate the source, thank you!

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