How NetEase Cloud Music set into QQ space background music

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NetEase Cloud Music How to set into QQ space background music? On the NetEase cloud to hear a beautiful song, want to put in the QQ space to play to the friends to listen to, how to do? For users of the open QQ green drill, the spatial background music can be chosen without time limit, But as an ordinary user how to play in the space like music? Below, the next small set to tell you how NetEase cloud music settings into the QQ zone background music method, hoping to help you.

  NetEase Cloud Music set into the QQ space background music method

1, open NetEase Cloud Music page version of the page, landing their own netease account, if there is no account of the students, you can register an account.

2, switch to "discover the music", the following is a lot of good people to create and share the song list, we randomly single one in.

3, open after you can listen to songs on the list of songs, and then we single song single Right below the "generate external chain player."

4, we have entered the "generate outside the chain player" edit page, we can simply edit the player, scroll to the player below, we can edit the size of the player, and then the following playback mode is automatically played by default, we do not have to tube, after editing we will be a stand-alone "copy code."

5, this time we login QQ, open QQ space, in the home panel stand-alone "log" > "Write Log."

6, open the Write log editor can not directly paste the code to the above, we find the log editor to the right "basic function", this time to switch to advanced features, advanced features can do some more advanced editing such as inserting network music, video, HTML code.

7, into the "senior editor" after our stand-alone "basic function" of "HTML", at this time we paste just copy the player's code to the body to write a few words or not to preview, unable to publish, because there is no content. Then "Preview" below the single machine, you will find the player appears.

8, this time we can release, after the release of the player can be displayed, when the friends click in to listen to the song inside the player!

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