How netizens should protect their privacy

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The advent of the network era has fundamentally changed people's way of life and survival, which has brought great convenience to people's production and life. However, the network sentenceWith two-sided, we embody the great advantages and potential of the network era, but also make people's privacy and power is unprecedented severe challenges, in the network environment, illegal collection, collation, analysis, and dissemination of personal privacy more easily than ever before. With the rapid and brutal development of the internet in China, the domestic internet companies are often quick and fast, through a variety of means to obtain privacy, and some sites due to limited technical capacity, often can not guarantee the security of the collected data, so similar to the csdn leak door and 12306 of user data leakage and other security incidents of continuous staged, Leading to the current domestic internet almost in the absence of privacy status.

Because of the interactivity of network, the cost of network privacy infringement is huge, and its infringement result is far greater than the infringement of traditional privacy. Therefore, the privacy rights become more important, the protection of network privacy is one of the biggest problems caused by the Internet, strengthen the network environment of personal privacy protection, has become a top priority. And how ordinary netizens protect their privacy from being leaked, I'm here sentenceThe main points are listed:

How netizens should protect their privacy

1, operating system security:

First of all, to ensure the security of the computer operating system, the important and urgent patches are installed, the operating system now has automatic Update patch features, the system is often updated to ensure security. If the security of the operating system is not guaranteed, the hacker or Trojan virus easily through the system vulnerabilities to obtain the user's various private information. For Windows systems, the daily login to use the system, it is best to use the Power User or Users group, avoid the use of Administrators group, so even if the computer Trojan, the damage is also controllable.

2, the security of mobile phone:

From a security standpoint, the most secure iphone in a common phone, the iphone requires the "fingerprint unlock" feature and the "Find My iphone" feature to open, and the security of the Apple ID password, with a unique secure password. If your phone is lost, sign in to the icloud website the first time, and turn on Lost mode on the Find my iphone so that no one else can use your phone (even if the brush is not working), and its minor calls to the operator to report a SIM card loss. In the event of an emergency, you can remotely erase your phone's information from the icloud website.

3, the security of the software:

Avoid using software that is likely to have a risk of privacy leaks, use caution with software developed by small companies, and do not enter personal privacy information inside. The selection of common software is also very important, some of my choices are as follows: Browser: Chrome, Input Method: Google Input method, bing Input method or small Langhao input method, email: gmail or Hotmail, mail client: Mozilla Thunderbird, Password management: Lastpass, 1Password or keepass, Cloud Sync network disk: Dropbox or OneDrive, instant messaging software: Google Hangouts or Skype, try not to use QQ, if you use QQ, You should never discuss a topic that involves privacy or sensitivity. All in all, stay away from homegrown software.

4. Two-Step verification:

If the software used has two-step verification, in theory, all sensitive accounts should open up to two-step verification as much as possible, while the mobile app instead of text messages generates a one-time random password. The main software that currently supports two-step verification includes: Google (Gmail), Hotmail, Dropbox, Amazon, Lastpass, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Github, WordPress , Linode, and so on, using the above software and services, should try to fully open the two-step verification function, so that even if the hacker through other means to obtain the user's password, because there is no phone random password, it is still unable to log into the user's account.

5. Search Engine:

Use Google and Baidu search, in the browser open Incognito window, in the Incognito window Baidu search. Do not need to log in to the search engine if not necessary.

6. Security class Software:

Use of foreign security-class software. Optional items of antivirus software are: sentenceSmall red umbrella, AVG, Avast, Comodo and so on.

7. E-Mail

From the experience, the web version of the Gmail experience is the best, by modifying Google's Hosts file can also access the web version of Gmail, but because the web version of Gmail is blocked, so in terms of stability, using the client mail software to send and receive Gmail more stable, It is recommended to use Mozilla Thunderbird, modify the IMAP hosts, and then access Gmail through IMAP, it is best to download a extension () called Keyconfig, you can customize the shortcut keys, the operation shortcut keys defined as Gmail.

8. Browser

It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox browser to enable the browser dnt feature. For example, Chrome's settings in Settings-Advanced settings-send "do not track" requests along with browsing traffic, periodically empty previous browsing history, and sensitive information browsing must be viewed in "incognito mode". If the user has multiple network identities, it is recommended to install multiple browsers, one network identity using one browser.

9. Internet access

Do not enter personal details on any website, such as real name, ID number, etc., will use some public proxy server or VPN service, for sensitive website access or sensitive information release, must use proxy server, do not expose their real IP address, theoretically speaking, Domestic IP addresses can be traced to people, unless the time interval is long.

10. VPN

VPN (Virtual private network) is a simple solution for hiding IP to use Network service. sentenceScheme, the communication data between the VPN server and the client is encrypted, and the data is transmitted securely on a dedicated data link, so the privacy of the user's Internet will be protected by dialing to a foreign VPN.

11. Virtual Machine

Virtual machine for the privacy of the security requirements of very high-sentence users, usually online use of virtual machine online, each time with a blank new virtual machine, exit after deletion. It is more secure to re-dial the VPN from the virtual machine.

While the infringement of personal privacy rights is related to the development of technology, the attitude deviation of privacy awareness also plays a role in contributing to the sentence . The survey shows that people pay more and more attention to the protection of privacy, but the excessive reliance and widespread use of Internet sentences in the information society makes people's awareness of their own or others ' privacy rights increasingly diluted, and many people think that the collection of personal information on the internet will not have a significant impact on their privacy. Therefore, to improve the personal protection awareness is the key to protect the privacy of the network, only to establish a "anti-human Heart" consciousness, personal network privacy is a better guarantee.

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How netizens should protect their privacy

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