How PowerPoint makes simple style monochrome documents

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If there is only one focus on the page, the position should be considered in particular.  For example, the focus of plain text should be in the position of a point perpendicular to the middle. If it's a mix of pictures and text, place the picture on the left 1/3 and place the text on the right 2/3.

Background color

The background color is set to monochrome. If you feel the monotony of monochrome, you can do the effect of gradual discoloration. For example, the first gradient aperture R10,g19,b30, the second gradient aperture r20,g38,b60, and the third gradient aperture r81,g105,b133.


The color of the chart can be enriched, you can highlight some of the highlights, such as highlighting the apple data, you can do this:

First, select "Three-dimensional pie" in "insert" → "chart". Then in the "chart tool" → "layout" → "Legend" to select "Show Legend on the left", and then right-click the chart to select "Three-dimensional rotation", and finally select the pie chart to represent the part of the Apple, with the mouse gently move down a little.


Do ppt to use a picture to speak, many times a good picture is better than words. Pick pictures to pay attention to, some pictures have their own white background (Figure 3), how to look strange, need to remove to the background with the PPT perfect fusion. How can you get rid of the background of the picture? PPT 2010 Adds a "Delete background" image processing tool, and we need to use its power. Select the picture, select Delete Background in the picture tools → format, and you can see the two buttons labeled areas to preserve and mark areas to delete.

Resize the selection box to delimit the area you want to delete, click "Mark areas to keep", mark the portion you want to keep, and then click "Mark Areas to delete", mark the part you want to delete, and then select "Keep changes". PPT to modify the image of the effect, although not as Photoshop, but the basic to meet our production of PPT requirements.


The new effect is synthesized with a variety of animation effects groups. For example, move a picture from the middle to the left and slightly reduce it (the name of the effect is "magic move"), in ppt, you can use two kinds of animation combination: Select the picture through the Animation tab to add animation, and then select the "Motion path" in the "line", move the end of the motion path (red arrow) to the position you want, Then select "Add animation" → "emphasis" → "zoom Out", Next, open the Animation pane (Figure 4), enter "90%" in "option effect" → "size" → "custom", and then select "With previous animation" in "option effect" → "timing" → "start".

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