How PS makes classic Black-and-white images

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Use the various tuning command presets provided by Photoshop to easily treat color photos as classic black-and-white effects.

Software Preparation: Photoshop CS6&CC

Learning goals: Combining tool presets to create personalized Black-and-white images.

Operation time-consuming: 10 minutes

Discard the disturbing color information in the photograph, can make the picture appear more clean, concise. The contrast between the black and white tone can emphasize the shape and contour of the elements, and also can highlight the texture and texture of the scene. In addition, Black-and-white images can also arouse our memories of the past film age. The "Image > adjust" menu to go to the color command, is the color of the photo processing is the simplest way to black and white. Just remove the color information in the picture, and will not get the expected impact and details, but to bring us a plain picture without color. In this tutorial, we will show you how to do, you will get a contrast, strong impact of Black-and-white photography works

  Operation Steps:

01 Fast Go Color

Execute the File > Open command to select a portrait photo and open it in the pop-up File browser window. The colorful background in this photo destroys the elegant feeling of the main character, we can first try to use the "image > Adjust > Go to Color" command to remove all colors in the screen, processing it into black and white.

02 Adjustment Contrast

Use the Go Color command for black and white conversion although save time, but the effect is the same. Perform the Edit > Rewind command Undo, and then let's try a more professional approach. Perform the image > Adjust > Curves command, select the Add Contrast option from the preset drop-down menu above, and click OK to apply the adjustment.

03 Black and White command

Perform the image > Adjust > Black and White commands, a new feature in Photoshop that provides 6 separate color sliders to control the shading of the black and white conversion process based on the original color information on the screen. Click the Automatic button to let the program set the slider value itself according to the characteristics of the screen.

04 Brown Half-tone

In the age of film photography, we usually control the overall atmosphere of the picture through different warm and cold tones when making black-and-white photos. The black and White commands provide similar functionality. Check the hue option to set the Saturation slider to 12, and then control the color by adjusting the Hue slider. 182 is a light blue cold, 36 is warm brown tone.

TIP: Black and white and gray-scale

Black-and-White is literally black and white, but it is actually used to describe a picture that is made up of different shades of gray that we call Black-and-white photographs. Gray-scale is another word we often use to talk about Black-and-white photographs, which means that black-and-white photographs are actually images of shades of gray that contain black and white.

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