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As a web designer and developer, every project we design has specific goals and requirements. But at the same time there is a common goal, that is to give users a deep impression, so that they can hardly forget. Interesting experience, often can bring people a pleasant feeling, and the feeling of pleasure is often unforgettable. So to design an impressive site, add some interesting elements is one of the design methods.

Jeremy Girard on Smashing magazine. the A Fun approach to creating more successful Websites article, which examples of a series of successful web sites, they cleverly use interesting elements, achieved a great success-touched the hearts of users, and to the user left a deep impression. CSDN has compiled the text as follows:

From the Fun theory website

Some time ago, I received a link to the Fun theory website (it is a Volkswagen investment project). The site takes a big game as its main content, encouraging users to redesign or think about what they encounter in their daily lives-and add some fun to it. Design the work to be interesting enough to attract more people to use them conveniently.

Among the many videos posted on the web, I like a video called "Piano Staircase". In this video, the design object is a staircase in the subway. There was an elevator next to the staircase, as we had expected, and most people would use the elevators during the round-trip, not the stairs.

The Fun theory website

One night, when the subway site was closed, the elevator became a giant piano keyboard, and people stepped on it with musical sounds. The next day, when pedestrians passed the site again, they were attracted by this huge piano staircase, many people preferred to try this "piano", and gave up the use of elevators. In fact, since the staircase was redesigned, it added more than 66% users-a surprising increase.

Add some fun to our website

After watching the video, the first thing I thought about was how, as a Web design professional, we could use the experience of the above success stories to add some fun to our work.

By adding fun to create a pleasant user experience, the user will not only be happy to use and impress, but will also share the experience with other people.

First, the definition of fun

Adding interest to the site is not a suggestion to make a circus out of a customer's site (unless, of course, your client is a circus). It's just a suggestion to add some fun to the design elements and interactions to help the site provide a pleasant experience for the user over a long period of time, which is easier to remember as a whole.

"Fun" does not mean "childish". You add some pleasant user experience to your product, but you should not make your client look naïve and unprofessional.

Here are some successful web sites to see how they can use "fun" to create a pleasant, memorable experience for the user.

Improve the fun of a single regular page

Almost all Web sites are made up of many pages. Choose a specific Web page or experience (such as "About Us", "Contact us" and so on), make it more interesting, and give users a deep impression, this ordinary page will stand out from the site.

Take the "About Us" page mentioned above for example. Mutant Labs is a British design and development company. The "About US" page on the company's website is not only interesting, it also adds some personalized elements. As soon as you move the mouse over a team member, the corresponding member jumps out to do a "sign" action. This makes the original boring company profile become very interesting.

Mutant Labs's " About US Page

What about the "contact Us" page? Chinese workshop is an organization that provides English language learning opportunities. The site will submit feedback to the page designed as a machine control Panel style to try it to fit the "workshop" theme better.

中文版 Workshop "Contact Us" page

Find some ways to add some fun to the regular pages of your site that you want to offer a special experience, which will give visitors a memorable, unique impression.

Add interest to the "404 Error" page

For most pages, another special page is the "404 Error" page. Add new, personalized elements to the page to help you break down the frustration that the page has caused to users. You can see a lot of interesting example pages from the previous articles in Smashing magazine.

In addition to the above mentioned, a good "404 error" page should also contain links to key pages, which should be the most likely user access. By positioning these pages accurately, users will give you a smile and can easily return to the valuable content they are looking for.

The "404 Error" page in the Web site

Add interest to the search engine

Google is known for its search engine, and it often adds interesting things to its search results, which are an important part of the Google experience.

First of all, on a special day, Google's logo will become a strange "graffiti." The graffiti includes simple graphics, as well as some interaction with the user, such as the Pacman game that can be played, and the analog guitar designed to greet guitar legend Les Paul. There are also a number of specific words and terms that can be found on Google. More of these "fun designs" can be seen on this page.

The interesting design added by Google has had a good effect because it doesn't conflict with other service experiences that Google offers. This is the key to adding fun to your project-making sure it doesn't interfere with the purpose and main features of the site itself.

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