How the "blackboard" is changing.

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Blackboard "The main function is to give the teacher to write in class, give the teacher a supplementary role in class. Whether in the traditional teaching or in modern teaching has irreplaceable role, Blackboard (teaching aids) development is closely follow the trend of the Times, and the development of an era is closely linked. Here we will introduce to you how the "blackboard" is changing? Look at the changes in these tools over the years.

I. How the "blackboard" changes in the era of multimedia interaction

In today's society, the progress of science and technology has also promoted the development of teaching utensils, thus appearing a new generation of multimedia interactive teaching aids, the main mode by the electronic whiteboard + projector + teaching aids and other components. Speaking of teaching aids, have to mention is the geometry of the artboard, it is an excellent teaching platform software, at present, many teachers in the country are in use. Its strengths are the ability to dynamically demonstrate the graphics, to compensate for the lack of previous teaching aids, to show students the graphics change process, and maintain the same geometric relationship. The teaching courseware can be projected onto an electronic whiteboard to show the students in the classroom and make teaching easier. To experience this powerful software, visit the free version of geometry artboard download .

In the study of functions, the use of geometric artboards can be very convenient to draw the usual we are not familiar with the function of the image, especially with some variable parameters of the function, through the geometry of the parameters of the artboard can easily show the change of the function, but also teach students to use this tool, class to do their own research and discussion, The fish will be transformed into a grant to the fishermen.

It is understood that such as Suzhou Third Middle School, Xi Chuanda High School, Qidong middle schools, Huanggang Middle School have already applied mathematics physics teaching software geometry drawing board to the teaching. And they are not only used in teaching to also hold the geometry of the board contest, it can be seen that the software in many schools also do have a lot of teachers and students have a great help, worthy of the teaching version of the designated educational software!

Second, the projector era
The projector era not only reduced the teacher's preparation burden also greatly increased the teaching entertainment, but only a pity to use the projector lectures, projection to the speaker will appear a large area of shadow.

Third, the era of slide machine

A thick pile of slides became the standard of the slide projector era, projected on the screen by a slide projector, though it was a novelty that helped to raise the student's attention but the workload of the teacher was still a burden.

Four, the Blackboard era

Speaking of school to let more memories of Gen Y is a shift to clean the blackboard, then the blackboard or cement blackboard, glass blackboard and so on. Every time the teacher finished a class there is a "special person" to clean the blackboard, of course, the drawbacks are some, sitting in the first row of students because every day to smoke chalk dust produced weariness. With the development of the times, dust-free blackboard appeared, which not only solved the problem of dust pollution but also responded to the call of environmental protection.

From the above development process, the multi-media era, represented by geometric artboards, is the most scientific teaching method, which has a qualitative leap compared to the previous projectors, slide projector and blackboard era. Multimedia teaching era, inseparable from the support of teaching software, at present, the geometry of the artboard is the most suitable for the first high school teachers to teach the auxiliary tools.

How the "blackboard" is changing.

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