How the virtual host should solve the interconnection between telecom Netcom _ server Other

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So what is the solution to this problem? The current mainstream solutions are as follows:

First, the use of mirrors, telecommunications, netcom each put a server. The advantage of this is that no special environment is needed, which is easy for ordinary users to implement. But the disadvantage is also obvious, if it is a static page, you need to upload two data to ensure both sides the same. If it is a dynamic interactive website, the database is divided into two rooms, the speed is very fast, but two database synchronization problem is more troublesome. If the database is in one of the rooms, then another server on the user data needs to interact, the speed is slower.

Second, CDN Technology. The full name of CDN is content Delivery network, that is, contents distribution network. The goal is to add a new layer of network architecture to the existing Internet, publish the content of the Web site to the nearest user's network "edge", so that users can get the required content nearby, improve the user's response speed to visit the site. CDN is different from mirroring because it is smarter than mirroring, or it can be likened to a more intelligent image + cache + Flow diversion. cdn= Therefore, CDN can obviously improve the efficiency of information flow in Internet network. From the technical comprehensive solution because of the network bandwidth is small, the user accesses the quantity to be big, the dot distribution unequal problem, enhances the user to visit the website the response speed. But the CDN also has the fatal flaw is its real time is not good, the cache server and the content server how maximum synchronization is a problem, moreover invests is high, the ordinary website is unbearable.

Three, double line room, a computer room at the same time Telecom and Netcom line. This should be divided into dual network card dual IP, single network card single IP, single card dual IP three kinds.

1 Dual-IP dual-line network: Some of the early computer rooms due to their own technology/equipment not clearance, unable to switch on the computer room router, can only use one server two network cards, two network cables are connected to the telecom/Netcom, this will lead to random fluctuations in server routing, and lead to user access when the speed is slow, or even completely inaccessible, This is already a backward way of being eliminated.

2. Single IP dual-line: Single IP to achieve dual-line, this is the emerging routing technology, this IP does not belong to any telecommunications operators, when the resolution, automatically judge the visitor is that kind of line, so that the IP walk that line to meet the needs of each line. However, single IP dual-line service is in the computer room router level according to the user line, switch the corresponding Telecom/Netcom line, because most of the two-line room is from the telecommunications, netcom to obtain IP address, no power to switch lines, resulting in the whole network can not achieve the purpose of fast, and some of the room has IP autonomous domain, but can not obtain from the telecommunications/ Netcom to obtain enough bandwidth, resulting in user access speed is not ideal.

3. Single card dual IP smart dual-line: This way a bit similar to the above, but because the single NIC binding 2 IP, so you can obtain IP address from the telecom/Netcom, network stability is better, but because it is two IP, user's website if not using intelligent DNS resolution, The use of intelligent DNS to automatically identify Netcom, telecommunications lines, you can only use the domain name to be resolved to telecommunications, Netcom IP approach, so that users can not access the dual-line single IP convenient.

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