How the WIN8 system displays multiple time zones in a time pallet

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How the WIN8 system displays multiple time zones in a time pallet. under normal circumstances, WIN8 system click on the desktop in the lower right corner of the time icon will show your time and date, some users because of job requirements to understand the time of other time zones, each time to go to search more trouble, in fact, you can display time in the tray multiple time zones, but also do not have to give up the original Instead of displaying multiple clocks at the same time (as shown below), isn't it amazing? Users who are interested can refer to the following settings.

The specific methods are as follows

1, click the time display in the tray, then click "Change Date and Time settings";

2, switch to the "Additional clock" tab, here you can add more than two different time zones clock, and you can also set a different logo.

That's the way the WIN8 system displays multiple time zones in a time tray so you can easily see your friends or family members in the field.

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