How to achieve real-time transfer across regions and free of service fees?

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I often use this method to achieve real-time cross-region transfer, and free of service fees
Step 1: handle a Everbright Wealth Management Card (purple gold card, gold card, platinum card ). We recommend that you handle a platinum card with a large amount of money transferred to any ATM in China for free withdrawal, real-time transfer of interbank online banking and cross-region transfers is free of charge (the large-value payment system is only available from five o'clock P.M. to on the working day. If large-value transfers are involved on non-working days, you can leave the bank's small-amount payment system)

Step 2: Apply for a ICBC platinum credit card. Everbright platinum card (purple gold card, gold card can also be) to achieve cross-bank cross-region transfer free of service fees, and real-time receipt, but Everbright's outlets are too small. In this way, I have another ICBC platinum card. After all, ICBC has the most outlets in China. China's ICBC platinum card is free of charge for deposit and withdrawal at any ICBC outlet. In this way, we can usually put the money in ICBC.

Step 3: handle Everbright online banking. in Everbright online banking, use the "super online banking" just launched by the Central Bank to sign up for ICBC's platinum card online banking. This will allow ICBC to transfer the money in its Platinum card to Everbright platinum card in real time, there is no service charge.

Note: 1. Everbright platinum card has no service fees for withdrawals from any ATMs nationwide, but Everbright platinum card has a maximum of 7 withdrawals per day at the ATM, a maximum of 50 thousand withdrawals per day, and a maximum of million transfers. Everbright online banking has no transfer amount limit for professional customers;

2. ICBC platinum credit card cards are free of charge only for deposit and withdrawal on the China ICBC console. Transfer funds on the off-site ICBC Console (or ATM). If you transfer funds to any bank card at the address of the bank, the service fee is free.


































About signing experience of super Online Banking

Super Online Bank interbank transfers, this is basically no problem, the Bank supports

Currently free of charge: Everbright, Minsheng, Zhaoxing (sunflower needed)

In addition, the cross-row fee deduction query (this is the key)

ICBC Everbright signs contracts with others normally, and does not need ukey or the like
China Merchants Bank can only sign contracts
Everbright deducts his line, ukey Professional Edition prompts digital certificate error (this bug has been fixed, ueky limit 50 W), with the public version
Deductible, public version limit: 5 W
Dynamic Password quota: 50 W

Ukey and other media are required for contract signing. Currently, only debit cards are tested.
If you sign a contract, you do not have to sign your own account. You can sign a contract with another account, or you can sign a contract in a remote location.

ICBC needs second generation U for Contract Signing
When the bank of china is signed, You need to log on to the Bank of China Online Banking to set it up in advance.
Before signing a contract, the Bank of China needs to log on to the professional online banking system, "cross-bank interconnection"-"online service"
Activate "payment online authentication" and "contract online authentication"
If ABC is contracted, the fee cannot be deducted.
The fee deduction is not acceptable for the CMB contract query.
China Construction Bank contracted normally
Everbright was contracted normally
Citic contracted normally
Unable to sign the contract
VIP edition is required for livelihood Contract Signing
Text message authentication is required for the bank to sign the contract
Key Required for signing in China
Additional media is not required for guangfa Contract Signing

Fees are related to the banks that operate online banking. Currently, Everbright is free of charge. That is to say, Everbright Bank signs contracts with others.
We recommend that you use Everbright to sign contracts with all other banks. fees can be deducted for free in real time and transferred for free in real time.

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