How to add the barcodescaner and PhoneGap plug-ins to develop phonegap applications on Mac

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How to add the barcodescaner and PhoneGap plug-ins to develop phonegap applications on Mac

After two days, I finally realized the relationship between PhoneGap and Cordova. Some people say it is the relationship between WebKit and Chrome, but I personally understand that two things will do one more thing, in addition, PhoneGap has been acquired by Apache, and it seems that no PhoneGap will be available in the future. All of them are collectively referred to as Cordova.

I used the command lines of PhoneGap and Cordova on the Mac machine at the same time, and found that the functions are basically the same, and the latter seems to be easier to use.

First, you need to install Node. js. I think this is something like Microsoft's Nuget. Then you can use Node. js to install PhoneGap and Cordova. refer to the following API



$ Sudo npm install-g cordova
Holiday !!!! Write back

I 'd like to know how to develop iOS applications on a PC. PhoneGap seems not suitable for larger applications.

The Virtual Machine is installed with Mac OS, but the Apple system is 64-bit. The cpu must support hardware virtualization before installation.
Or black apple. I want to watch computer hardware. Now I am using Windows 7 and Mac 10.8.
Then Xcode
Can I use phonegap to develop an Apple APP in WINDOWS?

No, because ios development environments can only be iOS: mac OS X (Intel-based) + XCode on Mac

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