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The WYSIWYG editor with Zen cart is htmlarea. htmlarea is a very simple program that is no longer updated. Therefore, it is not necessarily the most ideal choice. Currently, FCKeditor and tinymce are the two most popular and free editors, which can be used in the Zen Cart system. Although some plug-ins have added these two plug-ins, these plug-ins have not been updated for a long time and cannot provide the latest Editor Version. In addition to new features, the most important part of the new version is to fix the security vulnerability. The editor that uses the version too popular has zookeeper. In fact, Zen cart has not been added to the editor. This time, we will show you how to add the role.

Download and set FCKeditor

First, you need to download the latest version of the program on the FCKeditor website, and then upload it to the zen cart Security category (or root category)/Editors/FCKeditor /. I just mentioned that there are a lot of programming cases above. The more efficient way is to first upload the entire batch before resolving the problem on the server, some network storage companies provide the console, such as cpanel, which has the case management function and can be used for uploading and decoding. Of course, there are other ways to do this, attackers can check with the network storage company whether the robot server supports the solution function. Click Upload next and then upload http: // your website/Zen
Cart security project examples (if any)/Editors/FCKeditor/_ samples/default.html: select sample, usage, and submit tables for PHP.

FCKeditor has many functions not available in htmlarea. One of the most practical functions is that you can use custom CSS styles to display incoming data in a unified manner, you don't have to remember what kind of fonts and colors were used when you imported product materials. In addition, you can set a template first. For example, you can create a product specification template first. (do not duplicate it with the original features of Zen cart ), this allows you to easily import the same type of data in the future. If you need to use the above functions, please refer
Http:// /.

Another feature that FCKeditor is very popular is in the case. For example, it is very convenient to directly connect a video clip to the browser.

You must enable this function first.

1. confirm that the Zen cart Security category (or root category)/Editors/FCKeditor/fckconfig. JS,

VaR _ filebrowserlanguage = 'php ';
VaR _ quickuploadlanguage = 'php ';

2. Open the Zen cart Security category (or root category)/Editors/FCKeditor/Editor/filemanger/connectors/PHP/config. php, and change
$ Config ['enabled']True.

Then set the category of the hosts.

3. in the Zen cart Security category (or root category)/Editors/FCKeditor/Editor/filemanger/connectors/PHP/config. PHP, set the objective (relative to root) of the upload case, for example

$ Config ['userfilespath'] = '/userfiles /';

4. Some servers need to change the permission of the above category to 777 to be able to access the website, which can be viewed by the online storage company. For more information, see
Permissions under phpsuexec.

In fact, FCKeditor has a larger Plugin in the case, but it is the accept version, and the creator can decide whether to renew the plugin.

After the change is completed, upload and modify the changes.

Integrated into Zen cart

It is really easy to integrate FCKeditor into Zen cart because Zen cart has already been set for you! Activate the Zen cart Security category (or root category)/admin category/shortdes/init_shortdes/init_html_editor.php (Note: Keep the Security Guide for Zen cart, you must rename the admin category). The uncomment statement is as follows //

// $ Editors_list ['fckedit'] = array ('desc' => editor_fckeditor, 'handler' => 'fckeditor. php', 'Special _ needs '=> '');

Add the modified hosts to the zen cart Security category (or root category)/admin category/endpoints des/init_endpoints des/overrides/endpoints, change the editor to FCKeditor on the backend.

Except for the case of legal disclaimer

If you have enabled the transfer function, you must remember to delete the transfer plan because the position of the FCKeditor is accessible to anyone, you can see all the cases of your master, including those you did not want to open.

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