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Many people would argue that two copies are better than one. But redundancy is also a cost. Also, you need to spend the overhead of managing two backup destinations while enduring the less-than-certain success rate of recovery with tape, disk, or cloud. This may sound difficult to solve. The key to an efficient backup strategy is to clearly define what each type of backup needs to accomplish, and to combine it organically. The hybrid approach is not just about two backup copies, it's not just about choosing a software vendor or a service provider. A hybrid backup will help you develop and implement a smart and cost-effective whole-disk backup recovery plan.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly starting to adopt cloud computing solutions as part of their backup strategy, especially in the context of the increase in massive data and the pressing cost of the current economic backdrop. According to the parallels SME Cloud Services survey, 2013, online backup will be among the SME service needs of the top three.

This sounds controversial, given the frequent concerns about the security and reliability of most of the early adopters of cloud computing, why are companies starting to trust cloud backups and eventually moving their key data messages to cloud services when they are not sure that cloud technology will meet their needs? A simple answer is, Cloud backups are still much better than no backups. This will bring another 25% SME customers with no disaster recovery plan for cloud backup. This explains why many start-up and pure cloud backup providers are flooding the market with a simple cloud backup solution. At first glance, they do provide services for small and medium sized businesses, but is it a truly desired service for an IT manager or business owner who really needs to protect enterprise data and try to avoid data loss?

In the face of fast fixes and seemingly inexpensive solutions, anyone with a forward-looking approach will have to think twice. Start-ups are constantly being created and shuttered, and corporate data will be created and destroyed. For those still surviving, the question is: can such solutions vendors continually upgrade their technical capabilities to meet your business's needs for full backup and disaster recovery, along with the development of your business? Most online backup service providers provide only basic file-level backups, It's just as good as using a free Dropbox account to save your files in the cloud. But will you invest time and money in their products and eventually pay off all the relevant costs? On the other hand, if you use local backup, your business may not be able to afford the appropriate hardware and software costs. However, local backup service providers have started early in the market and have developed relatively mature technologies, especially when it comes to system-level backup and application recovery.

How do you do a disaster backup without overspending? The following questions will help you think and ultimately work out a more efficient and reliable backup strategy.

Is there any data or system that takes a few minutes or hours to recover in the event of downtime?

If total damage or loss occurs, is there any data or system that will affect the continuity of your business?

Does the data need to be archived or accessed remotely after a long period of time?

In addition, you can divide your enterprise's systems and data into three broad categories to better understand your own backup needs.

1, the need for rapid recovery.

2. Special protection is required.

3, the need for long-term storage.

Now, each category has a backup strategy to correspond to the main requirements of the enterprise: local backup, local and cloud dual backup, or cloud backup. In addition, if your available budget requires you to accept certain trade-offs, ready to accept deeper layers and phases of data at a single classification level, this can provide varying degrees of protection, so you can optimize local or cloud storage to meet certain needs.

Once you have done so, the last question you need to ask yourself is: is the functionality and technology of a single product provided by a backup service provider mature and reliable, and is it suitable for both local and cloud backup to provide sufficient flexibility?

At this point, you may notice that even mature online backup service providers may not have full local backup capabilities to provide you with a full range of services. Especially when it comes to the ultimate protection system Image backup form, this is a real cloud based disaster recovery important technology. In this regard, the availability of alternative suppliers may be quite limited. and Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 is one of the best.

The use of different software for local and cloud backup is an important cause of overhead cost overruns and is highly cost effective. With just one software solution to maintain and configure, you can simultaneously gain the ability to double backup both onsite and cloud. In addition, experienced users can configure retention rules to create complex backup strategies. This means that you don't have to pay double for the software, and you don't have to invest time, money and labor for different products.

Conclusion: Ask a few simple questions to adjust your mixed backup scheme to your organization's backup goals. By consolidating policies for local backup and cloud backup, your systems, applications, and data security and accessibility levels will improve significantly. The use of a single software solution, both reduce costs, and get rid of unnecessary management costs. Fortunately, the Acronis company has provided you with this software.

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