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In the local area network to facilitate the exchange of information with other workstations, we often use Remote Desktop features, many people think that such a function is almost insignificant, but in the actual use of the process, we sometimes encounter a variety of special Remote Desktop Connection requirements, in order to successfully meet these special connectivity requirements, You have to have some tips on how to use remote desktops.

Allow Remote Desktop ports to dodge attacks

As you know, in the default state, the port used by Remote Desktop is generally "3389", if we do not change this port number in time, so many malicious hackers may use this port, to remotely control and intrusion of local workstations, in order to steal stored in the local workstation of various types of privacy information. To secure the local workstation, we can try to change the default port number used by Remote Desktop to another port number as follows:

First log in as privileged to the local workstation system, and click the "Start", "Run" command in the Win7 system desktop, from the pop-up system run box, enter the string command "regedit", and click "OK" button to open the local workstation's system registry editing interface;

Second, in the left-hand display area of the editing interface, expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry branch with the mouse and select systemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolterminal from the list of branches that pop up later. Serverwdsrdpwdtdstcp, in the right-hand display area of the TCP subkey, we see a subkey named PortNumber (shown in Figure 1), which is actually used to define the Remote Desktop port number, and to set the subkey value to another port number. For example, the value can be set to "9999";

After the numeric modification operation is completed, we then position the mouse over the registry branch Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolterminal Serverwinstationsrdp-tcp, In the right display area of the Rdp-tcp subkey, we also see a subkey called PortNumber, which also modifies the value of the subkey, for example, where we also want to change its value to "9999";

After completing the Remote Desktop Connection port number for the local workstation, when we need to connect to the workstation via Remote Desktop, we need to open the Remote Desktop Connection Settings window in the corresponding workstation and set up the workstation address where the remote connection is required, then click the Save As button to save the Remote Desktop settings as a file. Then use a text editor such as WordPad to open the previously generated RDP file and manually enter a line of "server port:i:9999" in the text editing area, and then save the file as it was originally called, This will enable us to securely connect to the local workstation via Remote Desktop in the future. As long as other users do not know the new Remote Desktop port number, they will not be able to create Remote Desktop connection with the local workstation, then the security of the local workstation will be greatly enhanced!

Use Remote Desktop for transferring files

When transferring files in a LAN, it is believed that most people will do it through file sharing, but the target files set to shared status are easily stolen by others, and some people who have ulterior motives will also attack the local workstation through shared channels. In order to ensure the safe transfer of files in the LAN, we can take advantage of the Remote Desktop program with the disk mapping function, to make the file transfer in the LAN more secure, easier, the following is the use of Remote Desktop features to file transmission of the specific procedures:

First, click the Start/program/Remote Desktop Connection command for the windows7 system download desktop in the local workstation system desktop. Open the Remote Desktop Connector interface, click the Options button in the interface, and then eject the Options Settings window, click the Local Resources tab, Open the Label Settings page shown in Figure 3, select the disk drive item, and then click the Connect button to start Remote Desktop Connection;

When successfully connected to the other workstation system, we use the mouse to double-click the other workstation system desktop of the "My Computer" icon, we will see the local workstation of the various disk partitions, including the CD-ROM drive has been mapped to the other workstation, at this time we can copy, move files like local to ease, The file transfer operation is safe. After the file transfer operation is complete, we must disconnect the Remote Desktop Connection in time to prevent other users from taking the opportunity to peek at their privacy information.

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