How to associate VCs with issue tracker in Google Code

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VCs used by the company are generally associated with issue tracker/bug tracker.


For example, fill in the Update log in VCs:

Fixed error about animiation matrix updating.
Bug 223789 updated.
Review 1776.

Then submit the change request. The bug tracker will be updated as follows:

Issues: 987654

Generally, the bug numbers, review numbers, and issue numbers are linked to the corresponding content for convenient reference.

So how can we achieve this in Google Code?

First, if you involve an issue in the logIssue NNNOrIssue # NNNFill in the corresponding issue number. In SVN browsing, a link will naturally be generated, such as in Salvia:

Log message
SASL:  Add syntax_tree_builder into syntax_tree project.  Add parse_api into parser.  Add parse_api into syntax tree.   Issue 49  updated.

Google's change viewer also provides hyperlinks. However, when you click issue49, you will find that issue49 has not updated the current revision information. What's going on?

The answer is,If you want to update issue tracker via log, you must follow a certain format.

For a complete article, see Google's help.

Here is a quick tutorial:

First, the command format is roughly as follows:

$ Command $ issue ID $
$ Field $: $ field $ content $
$ Description $

There are three types of commands: new, update, and fixes. You can understand the meaning.

Field is similar to summary and owner. It can be seen on the issue Editor interface.

Description: on the one hand, it is used for your detailed description of this update, and on the other hand it will be submitted to issue tracker.

Note: either field or description must be specified during update. Otherwise, the issue tracker will not update the information for you.

Here is an example:

Log message
SALVIA:  Update  issue 53   Issue 53 will be added an new comments.
At this time, Issue Track will be updated:

Comment 1 by project member wuye9036, today (43 minutes ago)

This issue was updated by revision r462.  Issue 53 will be added an new comments.

You see, it is automatically updated. But pay attention to it. The content before the update command is not updated to the issue tracker.

Haha, have fun!

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