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Whether it is the government, the mail service provider, or the user, more in the anti-spam to make their own efforts. I believe that webmaster often leave your email address on the internet, if carelessly, it is estimated to receive a lot of junk mail, to bring you many unnecessary trouble.

Here are some ways to list "How to avoid receiving spam" for your reference.

Spam is one of the most common challenges many people have to deal with. Mail filters, such as Gmail and Windows Live Mail, provide a more accurate spam filtering effect. But not every company is willing to use an external service as its own private mailbox. The problem happens when you have to leave an e-mail address on the page.

How do you keep spam out of your inbox? In other words, how do you minimize spam attacks by displaying e-mail addresses on a Web page? Let's take a look at some modern ways and tricks to prevent spam by making your Inbox or mailbox client avoid spam.

Avoid conventional

Most people like to rewrite the email address so that the spam collection robot can not recognize it. This approach may solve the problem, but the Junk mail collector will understand sooner or later. In addition, many people may not be able to read your rewritten address unless you provide a decoding method. The more popular approaches are:

Example:> e-mail [at] office [d-o-t] com

Replace "@" with "d-o-t" instead of "@" and write more than a few spaces.

Insert some characters before and after "@"

For example:> e-mail {!@!}

Avoid regular, like,, are easy to receive spam.

Use pictures instead of text

Apparently most spam collectors don't scan images on a Web page, so the best way to do this is to put text in a picture. There are many automated image creation tools on the Web:

e-mail Icon generator offers to create GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Live, Yahoo!, AOL, QQ, Sina, and more.

Signature generator and E-mail-icon generator are basically similar.

Mask Email Image Generator Provides a JPG image of your email address creation

Safe Mail Three steps to create your email address

Replace text with ASCII and Javascript code

Another popular approach is to write an e-mail address in ASCII or Javascript code that looks like a normal e-mail address, but the spam collector does not find the address when it analyzes the source (of course, it hasn't been able to find it yet). There are also web based tools that convert email links to ASCII code:

Online Email Protector: Just type in your email address and click on one of the text boxes, you can use simple link codes or more compatible JavaScript links.

Spam-me-not e-mail Link obfuscator:

Email Riddler

Advanced Email Link generator with anti-spam encoder

Preventing spam Solutions

The most important rule to avoid spam is to never write your email address on the Web page. So it is recommended that you create two email accounts-one for business contacts, only for partners and key customers, and another for other purposes.

When a customer writes to a mail address written on a Web page, the company will continue to communicate with the first "business" email. On the other hand, some small questions or feedback are answered with a second e-mail message that is publicly available on the Web page. When a public e-mail message is collected by the spam database, the company starts to receive spam, and then it can change the original public email into a new one.

After this method is implemented, business contacts will always stay in contact with your business account number, and the amount of spam you receive will be reduced to 0%.

Use the external Gmail spam filter

Another common way to reduce the number of spam messages is to get it through Gmail filters. Gmail doesn't have a feature that allows users to use Google's filters directly. But you can forward all incoming emails to your Gmail account and set up your Gmail account to forward filtered emails to your private, clean email account. The filter results are not always accurate, but you will see the difference immediately.

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