How to back up office 2013 activation information

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A few days ago Microsoft released a new generation of office software--office 2013, it is gratifying that the Simplified Chinese version is also in the first sequence. Many people ask how to back up your active office information. In fact, this problem needs to be discussed separately according to the system you are using.

Figure 1 How do I back up office activation?

1. Win7 System

Backups under the Win7 system are relatively easy because their previous generation,--office 2010, also backs up. The concrete step is to open the Explorer, locate and locate the C:programdatamicrosoft officesoftwareprotectionplatform, and then back up the "Tokens.dat" to a secure location (recommended network disk).

Figure 2 Tokens.dat is the activation information

Restore operations need to first shut down a service, location in the "Administrative Tools" → "Services" → "Office Software Protection Platform." Right-click and select Stop to overwrite the backup activation file back to the original location. Pay attention! Do not run office at this time, but first restore the office Software Protection Platform Service before you start Office 2013 to continue your day-to-day application.

Figure 3 The Office Software Protection Platform service needs to be stopped before recovery

2. Win8 System

Win8 the backup is slightly different, mainly the folder location has changed, the new location in C:windowssystem32sppstore. Compared with the Win7 system, backup and recovery under WIN8 is simpler, and the entire folder is backed up to other locations directly through the resource manager. Recovery is the same, simply cover the folder back to the original location, the entire operation does not need to adjust the Windows service.

Figure 4 Win8 the active file location

Attached: A few places to be noted

1. Restore need to restore the backup file directly back to the original location, do not delete and paste first, otherwise easy to cause recovery failure.

2. Backup and recovery require administrator privileges for the operator, or it will cause recovery to fail.

3. If your hand mistakenly loses the product key and then causes the activation to fail, you can resolve it by right-clicking Office 2013 Professional Plus 2013 with the control Panel, and the second page is normally able to re-enter the key to continue activating.

Figure 5 Re-enter the product key

Note: This technique only applies to genuine users, not for other purposes!

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