How to bind an IIS server to two international domain names (one IP address is bound to multiple different domain names)

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One server is bound to multiple domain names, and the Web server has only one public IP address. However, many websites with independent domain names run on the server, and multiple independent domain names direct to this public IP address, however, you can access the website content corresponding to your domain name. This means you can bind multiple domain names with one IP address, also known as one machine and multiple "sites" technology. IIS is used here. the IIS Version Used in Windows 2003 has been changed from iis5 to IIS6, so it has made great progress in performance and functions. In this school, the web server uses Win and dows 2003 as the server operating system. How can we implement multiple "station" functions on Windows 2003? You can set host headers, default websites, and ports to meet the requirements of multiple "sites" on one machine. Next, I will introduce my methods for you to learn and use.

We purchased the domain name at the ISP. The first step is to resolve the domain name to your IP address, assuming the IP address is First, log on to the website of an enterprise that provides the Domain Name Service, go to your domain name management control panel, and click "English domain name management ", find in the list and click "domain name resolution" (take the domain name control panel of our school as an Example 1 ).

Next, resolve to IP Address: Click "add host record" and enter "www" in the pop-up box. Note that "" cannot be entered ". Press "OK" and enter the IP Address: Then press "OK" to complete the resolution. This resolution generally takes effect in real time. At this time, you can ping your domain name, if Ping is successful, the resolution is successful (2 is shown ).

Generally, in addition to using with WWW to access the website, users also like to use without WWW for access. Next we will resolve to IP Address:, click "add host record" and it will appear. You do not need to enter any characters and click "OK ". (The domain name itself is not entered)

Click OK and the IP address input box appears. Enter IP Address:,

Then press OK to complete the resolution.

In this way, the domain name resolution is over. The Domain Names and are successfully resolved to the IP address Of course, there are also domain names of each department, such as the Office is and the Youth League committee is To resolve the domain names, refer to the above method.

Next, we will create two new websites with the corresponding domain names and respectively. The names are best matched with the domain names for easy identification and future website management.

Step 1: click "Start> Management Tools" on the Windows system desktop and find "Internet Information Service (IIS) manager" under "Management Tools ". Click this item to go to The IIS6 settings page.

Step 2: In the Internet Information Service (IIS) manager, we can see that there are three branches under the Local Computer: ApplicationProgramPool, website and web service extensions.

Step 3: We want to publish a website. So right-click "website" and choose "New> Website" to open the "website creation wizard ".

Step 4: click "Next" and the website description window will appear. because it corresponds to the domain name, it is convenient to manage the website in the future, therefore, enter "www School" in the description information area and other sites below to show the difference.

Step 5: click "Next" to go to the IP address and port settings window. Generally, we can select "all unallocated" as the default IP address. The default port number is 80. Enter "" in "Host Header of this website ".

Step 6: ask us to select the default website file storage path. Click the Browse button and find the corresponding directory of the site.

Step 7: After setting the correct directory information, click "Next" to continue.

Step 8: Set the Website access permission to "read". If your site is on an ASP or other ** page, select "run script.

Step 9: click "Next" to complete the website creation wizard. Our site is also published successfully.

Step 10: Open the IE browser and enter http: // in the address bar to view the long-overdue website.

The method for creating a site with the domain name is the same as that above. You only need to enter "" in the "Host Header". Other settings are the same.

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