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My first really serious business site, from the end of 06 to now, brought me a 20w revenue, and its day IP is only 2000.

What kind of experience is this? Please listen to me carefully.

When it comes to doing web sites, I think the most important thing to choose from is two points: 1, I like it, 2, there are resources. First of all, to have the power to find the content, and secondly, if they have some resources, and these resources are difficult for others to get, even if they are not interested, but also quite a sense of achievement, but also to the industry to bring good information resources.

I should have combined these two points.

My university is in Beijing, information management major, in the school time to do their own programming for a few websites. After graduation in Chongqing, a motorcycle production of the state-owned enterprises, began to internship in the group under the ATV company, speaking of ATV, I believe a lot of people are very unfamiliar, literal literal translation is "All Terrain car", we generally call it "beach car", do not understand the Baidu can search the "beach car" will know. Here, I was also the first time to see this four-wheeled motorcycle, feeling very novel, in the unit has the opportunity to ride a few times, quite exciting, hehe. And then to the Internet search, found that there are related to foreign sites, there is no domestic. In the state-owned enterprises, usually work is also very boring. So I started the idea of making such a beach car website.

To this end, I studied a lot of CMS system, choose to choose not to choose the right, I this person is more picky, and even love. So this time, I stay in the utopian stage, the beach car site has not started to do. And this time, a former classmate of Beijing to find me, want me to help a school to do a website, only need to have the function of information is good. He is in charge of contacting the school and I am responsible for doing the station. Good remuneration has more than 5,000 pieces, may be due to the trend of interest bar, I chose the CMS before the choice of supesite, in fact, I just spent 1 weeks of time according to the requirements of the school to do a set of templates, on the income of more than 5,000 pieces, it feels pretty cool. The biggest benefit is to learn how to do supesite templates and learn about this set of programs. It made me bright and I knew what my beach-car site was going to do.

At the end of 2006, I officially started to build my beach car website.

After deciding what program to use, I went to buy a domain name:, because ATV is also the abbreviation of Asian television, so to find a meaningful, good to remember the domain name is still a little difficult, eventually Atvchina was set down, according to the domain name, I gave my stand up "beach car China" This name (as the Webmaster China's format, hehe).

Fixed the program, select the domain name, the next problem that bothers me appeared. What am I doing this site for? No, I want to create more income for myself through it, because in this declining state-owned enterprise, that poor salary doesn't allow me to mention my passion for life. So, how to make the beach car China net profit? Night and night, I was brooding. At that time I was more interested in E-commerce, learning Alibaba model, combined with their own resources, I decided to the beach car China network into a business-to-business platform, specifically for the beach car enterprises to provide a network display platform. Income comes from paid membership services. But after the site was built up, slowly I found that the road seems unworkable, because in the domestic, the beach car manufacturers are to do the export, in foreign countries, the demand for beach cars is very large, and in the domestic, in addition to producers, the general people do not know, So the production enterprise generally only in Alibaba's international edition or Global Resources Network such international platform carries the information.

My website is Chinese, to the production enterprise does not have much significance, therefore, has done for a long time, does not have one to pay for.

At that time, the mood is relatively low, I am thinking, I do this site how much meaning, in the end to go a way to really profitable?

In thinking at the same time, the site is still normal operation, after a period of precipitation, a glimmer of hope sparks in my eyes, because, I received a number of domestic cross-country sports enthusiasts phone, they in the beach car China network to see my information, they want to buy a beach car! But it is very difficult to buy at home, because manufacturers are exporting, Are generally dozens of sets of hundreds of sets out, domestic enthusiasts to buy a two, manufacturers do not bother to bird him, there are enthusiastic people from different places to run to the factory, in order to buy a beach car, big trouble. And I am in Chongqing, the country's largest production base of beach cars, why not use this resources to profit from it? Coupled with the accumulation of the early days, the beach car China network in Baidu search "beach car" this keyword, the natural ranking in the first place, there are several beach car network, basically does not constitute a threat. In this way, if people want to buy a beach car, Baidu search will inevitably come to my site. My mood was faintly agitated.

So, I decided to the beach car China Network for revision, change into a main face end users of the information class site, which joined me to grasp some of the product ads, on the one hand, to information to prop up the site, so that its enrichment, but also let the people of the country through my website to understand the beach car; On the other hand, using the beach car China Let the person who wants to buy a car contact me first time, I profit from it again.

The revision was fruitful because it did receive a lot of orders.

April 2007, I can no longer endure the death of state-owned enterprises, coupled with the restructuring of the group, I resigned. The whole body and retreat, concentrate on doing the beach car China network.

In the summer of 07, the sales season came, many people through the beach car China network to contact me, received a list more and more, I also have a certain amount of savings, busy over the summer, I set up their own company, Monopoly beach car. When the company was established, I had to make a rough guess, earning almost 10W.

The company was set up at the end of 07, catching up with the off-season, there is no business, the heart a little worried. But it is time to calm down and adjust the pace. I think since I have a website, and the status of the media is also more important, so I want to open up advertising business. However, this is also a difficult road, as before the business-to-business, the main business is foreign trade companies do not want to come to a Chinese beach car advertising site, but there is an exception--certification enterprises. Motor vehicles to export, must pass some local indicators, a number of domestic certification companies to provide such services, to prove that a product of the enterprise in line with local indicators, and thus smooth export. So at the end of 07, the company just set up, we pulled to the first advertiser, is to do the certification, and signed a year of advertising contracts. We were quite excited at that time.

this time, our site's search engine rankings have been very stable, in Baidu and Google search "beach car", the natural ranking is the first, search and beach car-related, and most will appear on the first page. But because the beach car industry in the domestic demand is not small, so even if we do the industry's best, the daily flow is not small, only about 2000IP. This requires me not to let go of any one chance. My phone bill is more than 200 a month, all asking for a beach car or a beach car. Here I want to explain is that the unpopular industry will be very lonely, but easy to conspicuous, can seize the opportunity, it depends on the individual. In June this year, I transferred the sale of the car to a colleague, and he wrapped the most important ad for the whole station for two years, which makes the site has a stable income at least within two years. By the end of this year, the beach car China network will be 2 years old, now I calculate, through the beach car China network selling cars, advertising revenue, a total of almost 20W.

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