How to build a lightweight architecture-update Deployment Chapter

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Fix all the previous problems, your platform architecture is also slowly improving ... The rest is the issue of updating the deployment.

As we all know, platform operation requires a running environment. Aside from the operating system and the installation of the server, the platform itself requires the database, data, etc. to be initialized.

Packaging of the platform we've talked about Maven before, and using MAVEN to automate building your project, this article doesn't talk much.

The configuration of databases and related data is a cumbersome task at the time of deployment.

The structure of each table needs to be created as well as the index, and if updated, also by software than the database differences, generate Update SQL ...

Usually at deployment time, there are no developers present, and once there is a problem, the implementation personnel are usually uncertain.

So how do you get your database, and the data intelligent update deployed?

Using DDL

With Java, it is necessary to use ORM frameworks, such as Hibernate, and some large ORM frameworks have their own DDL capabilities. It automatically updates the structure of the database when the server starts up differently than the entity and database.

Once the program uses DDL, only the connection pool needs to be configured when the update is installed, without maintaining the database, not the original database ...

Custom Initialization Service

When installing and updating, there must be a lot of data that needs to be initialized. Use the program to initialize automatically, unless you have to.

Many platforms are installed at the time of the preparation of a large number of SQL data files, labeled A for user data, b for configuration data, please perform a before performing b ...

The software itself is to realize the information, intelligent, if your deployment still stay in such a phase, please quickly use the code to fix these.

Intelligent brings you the benefits, far more than write the time cost of these codes!

Through such as the above two, update the deployment, not to prepare a large pile of files, but also repeatedly told the implementation of how to do the personnel, just tell him, put in the server, start on it! Is there a cool dazzle!

In this case, the topic "How to build a lightweight architecture" is over, and then I'll talk about big topics like "SOA" and "NOSQL". Please look forward to it.

If you are interested in my article, please pay attention to my public number, thank you.

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How to build a lightweight architecture-update Deployment Chapter

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