How to build a personal brand path on social networking sites

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Article Description: How to build a personal brand path on a social networking site.

What are the business paths that LinkedIn can expand in the future?

The investment community raised questions about the upcoming business social networking network, and users responded with a mouse and action: Online dating! The new use of LinkedIn, which spreads in high-end business circles, is that some white-collar women are looking for reliable dates on LinkedIn, with a high success rate and some even getting married.

It's not hard to understand that LinkedIn's business social network based on real resumes and real identities has built a credit system around individual professional brands, and has become an endorsement of white-collar women's search for potential personals, a prerequisite for LinkedIn's online dating "derivative function". Those who have real companies, occupations, business people recommend the person, the Internet is often easier to win the favor, the more stereoscopic rich information, so that individuals closer to the real life of the image, which is the credit basis of love dating.

Not only LinkedIn, but also countless vivid stories show that real online socializing accelerates the establishment of personal brands on the Internet. In Google's time, Google was trying to get people to find information around the world, and in the online social era Facebook was opening, Facebook was trying to get people to find people all over the world, and personal-centred social networks were becoming a trend for the next generation of Internet.

In this context, the era of building personal brands is coming. Social media makes it easier for individual brands to be built, and also makes the destruction of individual brands more rapid.

From blogs to social networks

Two years ago, media man Cheng founded the technology blog site "Cloud Technology", he hopes to explore an independent content creator path. In order to make quality content, his daily schedule is very regular: after getting up in the morning, routine to look at foreign websites, looking for information, and according to the daily interview material writing, in the afternoon to go out with the industry friends or interview. After 3 months of painstaking work, cloud technology's independent visit to the day is close to 1000. To build the impact of cloud technology, Cheng has built cloud technology accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

After a year or so of hard work, cloud technology daily independent access to more than 3000, the number of subscriptions are also hundreds of, but this traffic compared to any one of the portal technology channels or vertical it sites are like bucket.

Eventually Cheng returned to the office, becoming a nine-to-five white-collar worker, and cloud technology turned from its main business to a sideline in spare time, almost once a week or even one months.

At this time, Weibo appeared.

Whether it is Weibo or SNS, its biggest feature is people-centered, everyone can order their own needs according to the requirements of the content, and express their views, form a rich personalized homepage. Cheng focused on Weibo's release-not just by releasing personal observations and data on the industry, but also by leading the team to publish the industry's latest information on Weibo in real time.

At present, Cheng on Tencent Weibo listeners more than 350,000 people, he wrote the article in cloud technology, after the promotion of micro-blog, comments back more than 60, less than 20, more interactive. On Weibo, his message was broadcast on average 70 times per post. In the microblog era, his influence as an Internet industry observer was amplified.

Cheng's exploration should be a microcosm of the creation of a more influential personal brand in the process of transforming a personal content producer from the blog age to a social network. Before the rise of social networks and social media, various types of people were blogging to express their views and build up their influence in the field of expertise. For example, China Ecapital Corporation Capital Limited CEO Wang Ran is a well-known blogger and opinion leader in the financial sector, in 2006 his blog has broken the million mark, known as the investment banking industry's first blog, but now, Wang ran to the "main battlefield" to the Sina Weibo, now his fans more than 530,000, the average number of posts forwarded more than 100 times.

In the past, people need to establish their influence or professional opinion in a certain field, usually through the blog to express their views, or in the media to write articles or columns, these content and the final content of the consumer to meet, often have to go through multi-layer communication channels to reach the final reader-the content of the consumer's eyes. Even if blogging shortens content manufacturing-the value chain of communication-the interaction between content-makers and content consumers is not strong.

If E-commerce compresses the value chain between goods and consumers, the shift is taking place on social networks. Now, social media, represented by microblogs, is rapidly compressing content manufacturing--the spread of value chains, content makers interact with the ultimate consumer in unprecedented ways and content, and the attributes of social networking, which amplify the influence of quality content through interpersonal relationships, accelerate the establishment of individual brands.

The credit system of personal brand

Not only micro-blogging, SNS and various internet business models based on social relations, these personal-centered social media, how to highlight individual brands from multiple perspectives, become the key to their long-term vitality.

As people in the reality of the character and behavior is solid-rich, like, whether it's beer and skittles, or industry experts, or the business elite and the general public, real social networks will also label their online behavior, an influential and credible online personal brand that often includes the following levels:

Real identity is the most basic element of the credit system, which is also the foundation of social relationship building. The biggest difference between Facebook and previous Internet sites is that it requires users to have only a real identity, based on the real identity, in order to position their personal social relationships, and Facebook's purpose is to restore human social reality on the Internet. Under Facebook's influence, global social networks are starting to advocate real identities.
Tencent Network Media product technology general manager Shongyu that the real identity is more conducive to the release of personal information and dissemination. The building of personal branding can be helped by listening, interacting, having sufficient information, being authenticated, and listening to the quality of his or her audience.

The real identity on the internet is far from creating a complete personal brand. Just as LinkedIn is not just relying on real personal career resumes to surpass rivals Monster, the more important element on the real identity of individuals is the ability of people to express their knowledge on the Internet. Many of the features of LinkedIn, can help people to show professional skills on a real resume, and the web-based Knowledge-answering website Quora and known as the Chinese version of Quora, which allows people to show their knowledge in the field of expertise, while everyone, happy, and so on, is based on the strong relationship of SNS , more is to show the life Entertainment category to people to eat and drink shopping and other aspects of life-like characteristics.

Sometimes, some of the skills outside the job can also add points to individual brands. Taiwan's famous host Kangyong recently and Jimmy Choo cooperation, as an independent designer for Jimmy Choo design of the CAI brand series of high heels, in the heels of the official sale of high-heeled shoes, Kangyong Sina Weibo in the display of his shoe design samples, immediately have fans thread said to be the first time to buy. This also deepened the fans heart Kangyong as the fashion to reach the image of people.

Don't forget the social relationship is the content amplifier, it is the content channel. As the content manufacturer's individual, even has in the specialized domain knowledge ability, also needs to have the very good expression ability, namely the personal brand interface, this can send out the personal brand image outward.

In fact, in every social network or social media, because of the different user groups, the characteristics of each platform are different. Even on the micro-blog, the difference is increasingly obvious, Sina Weibo integration of life and business, Tencent Weibo more emphasis on online life, and Sohu Weibo is the main entertainment friends. In SNS, happy more like a gossip of the gathering, the company white-collar often bubble on top, and everyone attracted a lot of college students and just entered the society of young white-collar workers. This requires the organization of different language systems for each social networking platform to be integrated into the context of each platform as soon as possible.

In the real identity, professional knowledge and ability to express, more important is the credit and moral system, which is also an important part of the personal brand. And on the current social network, at present, there is no relatively perfect mechanism to restore real social integrity of the moral level, such as the establishment of a system like Taobao sellers credit system, each completes a good Internet behavior or content, by friends of the mouse vote for praise, the contrary is the evaluation, And according to the evaluation how many form high school low credit level.

Of course, unlike Taobao sellers, the social properties of social networks there are other metrics to analyze whether a person is reliable, such as on Weibo or on LinkedIn, whether a friend's often interacting friends have credibility or influence, whether the business or plus v celebrity, these will become the person's brand endorsement.

A wealth of human nature

To make personal brand rich personality charm, but also need to have personalized characteristics.

Last November 3, has the domain name King, 4399 Games website chairman and the Angel investor and so on multiple identities Cai Wen wins has released a micro-blog: Has a 1990-born Xiamen boy u N, found Mr. Cai said, hoped that it can see his micro-blog, could through this micro-blog in 4399 find a job.

U N only junior high school culture, before working in an electroplating factory, one months about 2000 yuan wages, living in the factory dormitory, and roommates shared a computer, barely understand the internet, also do not understand any technology. While listening to Radio Xiamen, U N knew about Weibo, and began writing Weibo from February 28 last year, using 6 months to make 200,000 of the number of fans. U N is a downright grassroots, no one to recommend him, just rely on their own fans to do up.

There are two reasons Mr. Cai was moved: one is Li's hands, because of long-term electroplating work, has been a bit rotten; the second move is he told Cai Wen, he did not understand anything, but just as he can do Micro Bo, will learn well.

As a result, U N became an employee of 4399. Mr. Cai, who has contacted a lot of grassroots micro-blogs, believes that the revolutionary product of Weibo will bring many people to build personal brand and change the chance of fate.

In fact, Mr. Cai write Weibo time is not long, but it is this and U n the same learning momentum, so that the number of his fans straight up. In China's internet industry, Mr. Cai is a geek, and he's walking a different path. People often divide Chinese internet entrepreneurs into Charles Zhang, Li, such as the representative of the returnees, and Ma, Jack Yun, Ding Lei, such as the representative of the Turtle faction, although there are obvious differences between the two, but there is a common characteristic is that they start at the beginning is the company's operation, relying on the founder's vision and charm, Imitation of foreign business model, gathered a large number of human and financial resources, to capture the trend of the big trend, before the successful listing, most of the long "burning money" stage.

But Cai Wen wins different, a freshman, he dropped out of business, do not understand the computer and the Internet, even the most basic typing would not have been. In Hong Kong in 2000 when I saw the domain name sold 7.5 million of dollars of accidental experience suddenly stimulated his interest, Mr. Cai after study, found the domain name registration law, with procedures and other methods to register the Chendovan valuable domain name, will be the probability of successful registration from one out of 10,000 to 50 %, become the world's well-deserved domain name King.

Mr. CAI Write micro-blogging process and the process of registering domain name, April 15 wrote the first micro-bo "micro Bo first day, learning", Mr. Cai began to learn the road.

First of all, Mr. Cai the first 100 of the grassroots microblog, the top 200 of the celebrity microblog, and read the message from beginning to end. Mr. Cai from here is like Weibo first Yao Chen, although said to be celebrities, Sina has a good recommendation bit, but the world does not have no reason for success, because celebrities have a lot, why let Sina recommend Chen Yao?

Mr. Cai found Chen Yao's microblog has several characteristics, first, Chen Yao is the first to write micro-Bo star, she saw this business opportunity very early, in the original star resources still relatively few time, Sina Nature is willing to recommend her microblog; second, Chen Yao's microblog style is very good, is a relatively humorous, relatively self-deprecating, and a bit positive style, Sina and netizens like this style, of course, also willing to recommend her and add her fans.

In the study, Cai Wen through Weibo to see the human nature: Shi Yuzhu's micro-blog, he knows why he earns so much money, and Mr Yu's microblog has a lot of life's motto, he sees wisdom from Kangyong's microblog, his ability to tell stories from Yuanjie's microblog, and Ren Zhiqiang and pan Shiyi churlish, is mutual promotion; the microblogging of Guo and Feng Xiaogang, a tease, is a bit like crosstalk.

Weibo gives everyone the opportunity to be equal, as long as the real input, everyone can become popular bloggers. In fact, for micro-blogging novice, whether to create high-quality content, or attract fans of the skills, can be through learning, practice to continuously improve.

By analyzing these people's microblog, Cai Wen's thinking is, how to grasp their own characteristics. Mr. Cai thinks of himself as the kind of person between the grassroots and celebrities, between mainstream and Non-mainstream. The reason that the grassroots, Mr. Cai to their own understanding is that the first Mandarin speaking is not good, culture is not high, some grassroots people, such as like to show off, but they have a lot of celebrity contact opportunities.

So, Mr. Cai concluded that he could be a bridge: between the grassroots and celebrities, between mainstream and Non-mainstream.

When an industry celebrity like Mr. Cai was just beginning to write a microblog, Sina generally has a three-day referral period, probably can get ten thousand or twenty thousand clicks, if combined with their own efforts may get about 50,000 fans, but as the IT industry celebrities, its influence is limited to the industry, it is difficult to expand outside the industry. To deal with the problem, Mr. Cai spread his microblog to the entrepreneurial world and added some life-related content to fans outside the industry.

That's not enough, Mr. Cai in three consecutive strokes: giving out prizes, giving iphones and sending ipads, and auctioning off BMW cars. Take the BMW car as an example: During the Spring Festival, Mr. Cai launched on Sina Weibo "send blessing, win BMW" activities, quite eye-catching. Finally, a Weibo netizen named "Please Call me Cho" won the BMW Mini car. On the afternoon of February 18, the winner, "Please Call me Cho", issued a microblog claiming that Mr. Cai had commissioned a BMW on Weibo and donated half of the proceeds to the "Save the Children Foundation" launched by the famous angel investor Shire.

Shire and Mr. Cai are good friends and have been Cai Wen angel investors. Since Mr. Cai introduced Shire use microblogging, Xue gradually fascinated, and even a little crazy, now Shire has been micro Bo as a business operation, the 50% of their time into the microblog. Shire also set up the "Save the Children Foundation" to help the disadvantaged.

In the process of running the Sina Weibo with great concentration, through the marketing of these prizes, not only has the number of Cai Wen fans reached close to 3.2 million, it has greatly enhanced its personal brand, while its 4399 small game sites have had a significant increase in popularity and have taken a large number of users from Weibo.

The personification of corporate brand

In social networks and social media, there are also many companies that open accounts, which shorten the distance between the business and potential users, and more and more companies use social networks as free online CRM. Often those personified corporate brand, to the personification of the language system and end-user interaction, more vulnerable to users like.

"ABB Robot" is the Sina Weibo ID registered by ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, the latter is a company dedicated to providing solutions for industry and power industry customers, the production of robots are often used in industrial enterprises, they look more like an orange giant manipulator, Unlike consumer-electronics robots such as Sony, they have a bibs appearance.

However, ABB robots are very cute on Sina Weibo and knowledgeable in the field of robotics. When the weather forecast cools, it alerts fans to extra clothes on Weibo, sometimes introducing robots in sci-fi movies in micro-borrie, sometimes introducing ABB's robots milking cows and picking up luggage at airports. It will even introduce Japan's emphasis on robotics because Astro Boy has affected a whole generation of Japanese children, who grew up to study robots, which led to the development of robotics in Japan.

"Enterprises in micro-blogging to be like a person with personality characteristics, can be easier to do promotion." "Tencent Network Media product technology department general manager Shongyu said." He summed up some of Tencent's microblogging platform for good marketing, in which one company obtained 5% of users from Tencent Weibo, and 5% of users formed 10% of the volume. Another company got hundreds of users free of charge from Tencent Weibo, and the turnover was 100%.

Shongyu observed the experience is that enterprises in the micro-Bo also need to establish a personification of the brand, it also has to have character characteristics, with the behavior of personification active, but also to provide high-quality impress people's information.

In fact, it's similar to the way a personal brand is built.

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