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The neutrality and copyrights of wikis are very important, they are very difficult to build. In China?

A Wiki is a collaborative work platform or called an open editing system. The so-called collaborative work, that is, it allows people browsing the Web page to revise the page, its profile ... What does a Wiki do. Wikis use simplified syntax to replace complex HTML, plus Web interface editing tools to reduce the threshold for content maintenance ...
I believe many webmasters need wikis, we can use wikis to build help systems, knowledge systems, loose discussion platforms, and even favorites ...
Here I recommend a few common wiki programs.

One, ASP's wiki program. ASP's wiki programs generally feel weaker, and perhaps open wikis prefer an open Linux system.
1,operator Wiki 0.3
Language environment: Asp+access
Official homepage:
Download: Http://
Introduction: Free Open source Domestic wiki program, Asp+javascript write wiki engine, support multi-language, ACL, comprehensive various wiki functions.
Operator Wiki Upgrade log 0.3:.
* Full User rights
* Support ACL for permission control
* Fixed a tag conflict problem
* Fixed login problem
* The source code using TAB instead of space, further reduce the volume, the main program is currently only 34.4K
* Better multi-language support
* Fix dozens of questions about tables and lists

2,openwiki Chinese version Build20060328
Language environment: Asp+access/sqlserver
Official homepage:
Download: Http://
Introduction: A Foreign ASP wiki program, 3d-gis Chinese.

3,jswiki-Open Source ASP wiki Program
Language environment: ASP
Official homepage:
Download: Http://
Introduction: Installation requires only one file jswiki.asp
Written in JavaScript, capable of running on any one of the Windows hosts that support ASP
Supports rich and convenient text syntax (mixed with standard wiki/textile/markdown three common grammars)
Support page history and version differences
Support page locking and confidentiality
Support RSS output recently updated content
Provide interwiki? links
Use macros to provide additional functionality and extensions

Two, CGI wiki program
4,twiki release 4.0.2
Language environment: Perl
Official home:
Demo: Twiki/bin/
Introduction: TWiki is an open source (GPL) wiki program. The software is positioned as a "flexible, powerful, Easy-to-use Enterprise collaboration platform" Running in the Perl environment. The
TWiki has been developed since 2001, and an important version is released approximately annually. The latest stable version of the 2004-9-4 version, the latest beta version of the 2006-01-31 version. The
TWiki is adopted by many large commercial companies, such as Yahoo, SAP, Motorola, Wind River and so on.
TWiki's official site content has copyright, TWiki name is Peter Thoeny all a registered trademark, the content contribution belongs to the Peter Thoeny and its contributor common all.
TWiki Features:
TWiki is a full-featured wiki system
focuses on giving the site a structure, and all pages are automatically grouped into TWiki Web, which makes it easy to create collaboration groups. People with programming skills can use variables to create dynamic pages, such as content tables, or pages of embedded search results.
Easy customization and extension
allows page editing: The Darkar version already supports WYSIWYG editing.
Access control: A fine-grained authorization mechanism allows administrators to restrict read and write access to different departments. The
TWiki is completely a format engine that does not require any databases, and is completely based on the file directory.

5,usemodwiki Version 1.0
Locale: Perl
Official home:
Download: http ://
Introduction: September, 2003:version 1.0, the official should have stopped the update.
UseModWiki Usenet Moderation Project (usemod) is the wiki engine developed by Clifford Adams, which uses Perl as the programming language for development, Its biggest feature is not using any database management system to store the content of the page, any new pages are directly stored in the file system, Wikipedia has used UseModWiki as a language version of the wiki engine, after the development of MediaWiki as an existing interface.
to operate with a single file
do not need any extension extensions
All variables are written directly in the code
pages are stored directly in the file system
using the CamelCase link style
The display language can be modified by the comparison table

Three, PHP wiki program
6,mediawiki 1.6.2-The most widely used wiki program
Language environment: Php+mysql
Official homepage:
Download: ... iawiki-1.6.2.tar.gz
Introduction: MediaWiki, the world's most famous open source Wiki engine, runs in the PHP+MYSQL environment. Since February 25, 2002, it has been used as Wikipedia's system software and has a number of other application examples. The current development of MediaWiki is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation.
Important features of Wikis
Record all changes and make it easy to review history update records, making open editing possible
Automatically generate links, editing text in brackets in parentheses (such as [[[[] x entries]) will automatically generate links
Allow use of templates to facilitate reuse and update of the same content
Supports categorization and automatically correlates between different articles based on classification
Allow each user to choose their own system appearance
Chinese Support good

7,tikiwiki v1.9.2 Multi-language edition-wiki again CMS system
Language environment: Php+mysql
Official homepage:
Download: Http://
Introduction: Very excellent website content management system, based on Php+adodb+smarty and other technology construction, function is very complete, the main features:
1, there are articles, forums, categories, blogs, galleries, file downloads, online surveys, wikis and other functions.
2, User Rights Management is great, you can set what features to enable, set which users to use which features.
3, management background and user interface together, through the User Rights control interface display.
4, the interface is divided into the middle-lower, left-right region, very structured.
5, there are many practical modules, such as menus, login, search, online survey, the latest published articles and so on, you can flexibly customize the display in the left and right interface area.
6, the interface is very concise, there are many interface templates to change skin.

8,coocoowakka v0.09 RC3-Chinese open PHP wiki program
Language environment: Php+mysql
Official homepage:
Introduction: the wiki engine program, which was adopted by many websites in 2004. After September 2004 basic stop Update, until July 2005 released v0.0.9rc1,2006 Year 2 development cloth 0.0.9RC3, support PHP5.
Coocoowakka is based on WakkaWiki 0.1.2 to make modifications.
Coocoowakka has been developing since 2003 as an amateur hobby of Cooyip, and now Coocoowakka is also an Open-source project for and To date (April 2005), 8 major editions have been released.
Coocoowakka is a hyper-collaborative hypertext editing Environment (based on php+mysql wiki engine), in simple terms, for anyone (including you) based on the Coocoowakka site. Can edit his almost any page (as the Administrator wishes) online. Coocoowakka can be used in the common pen system, reading Club, file development, writing books, translation, data collation (such as classroom notes, software use materials), FAQs, and so on. Because of its fast and convenient use and expansion, Coocoowakka can even be used as a small CMS system.
Coocoowakka is not wakka version of the Han, there are 60%~70% Wakka code is Coocoowakka modified or rewritten (interested can compare, if you want to get similar to the WakkaWiki version please download 0.0.2, 0.0.3, at that time oneself to revise or more abstemious. Many features and policies have also changed, so Coocoowakka's site does not support replying to WakkaWiki? In addition, Coocoowakka also supports multiple languages for the entire wakkawiki, so Coocoowakka supports multiple languages-now offers Chinese (including simplified gb,utf-8, traditional big5,utf-8) and English support. In addition, Coocoowakka will automatically optimize the function of the Chinese station.
The cuckoo was initially interested in wikis when participating in Wikipedia, and later did not know what wiki was good for, and downloaded the Wakka 0.1.2.
As a result, the engine just doesn't support Chinese like moinmoin or Tavi, starting with the charset and starting to build the wikiengine that it feels good for wakka0.1.2 Results found that a lot of friends want to take a code to try, but also provide a lot of good advice, so Coocoowakka developed to the present. (More history: History)

9,phpwiki 1.3.12P2 Released
Language environment: PHP
Official homepage:
Demo: ... 83fc0492e961639b13f
Download: ... iki-1.3.12p2.tar.gz
Introduction: A small wiki program without a database. Set up simple, permission control, plug-in expansion are good.

10,pmwiki 2.1.5
Language environment: PHP
Official homepage:
Introduction: PmWiki, a written in PHP, no need for database support Wiki, personal site is particularly suitable.
There are still many applications in the country, the demo site is a of a site.

Four, JSP Wiki program
11,jspwiki Stable Release v2.2.33
Language environment: Jdk+tomcat
Official homepage:
Download: ... wiki-2.2.33-src.rar
Introduction: JSPWiki is a nice wiki engine, written by pure Jsp/servlet. JSPWiki does not use off-the-shelf database management software, all files are stored in the form of text files. It leverages CVS-like mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the file version. Support Chinese, support version comparison, rights management and other functions.

Five, other wiki programs
12,moinmoin 1.5.3 RC1
Language environment: Python
Official homepage:
Download: ... in-1.5.3-rc1.tar.gz
Introduction: MoinMoin is a wiki engine program based on the Python environment that supports multilingual features including Chinese.
The MoinMoin program is an Open-source project that follows the GNU GPL, launched on July 20, 2000 and originally written by Jürgenhermann. The most recent version is 1.5.2 released on February 05, 2006, with the highest stable version of 1.3.5, and has been kept up to date.
MoinMoin can be run in environments such as Windows, Linux/bsd/unix, OS X, and so on. Currently able to handle English, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian and other about 20 languages.
Characteristics of MoinMoin:
Completely use files to store content without using a database
All wiki specifications implemented, Unicode encoding supports multiple languages
Complete and practical wiki text conventions, editing rules are lightweight and easy to learn
supports a variety of extension methods: macros, Plug-ins, preprocessing ...
A large number of Plug-ins include Tex technical text input, Freemind thinking map, Graphviz schematic diagram, gnuplot data graph drawing, etc.
supports several very practical different page styles
Real Cross platform 13,tiddlywiki 2.0.7
Language environment: Css+html+javascript
Official homepage:
Download: Http://
Introduction: TiddlyWiki is a very small and cool wiki engine, all programs are just a 100-K HTML page. TiddlyWiki is written in css+html+javascript and can be used on a variety of browsers.
TiddlyWiki page All the elements can be customized, can easily modify the page structure and CSS representation. It does not require any server-side scripting support, and you want your computer to have a browser to run it. It is very suitable for the individual to put on the U-disk and go around to do notepad.
TiddlyWiki cannot actually store data on the server, so it cannot be used for community collaboration.
A user who has used this rating TiddlyWiki:
TiddlyWiki is a fun wiki notepad that supports tag, supports rich wiki syntax, and also supports search, which is good for Notepad.
It is very simple, simple interface, easy to operate, file simple to all content only one HTML file, so the most suitable for carry-on, think of the previous U-carry WordPress, and then bring the TiddlyWiki on the same.
TiddlyWiki is a purely JavaScript-enabled wiki, all of which are Ajax and feel cool, and one more object to study Ajax.

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