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How to bulk download for everyone desktop? Many netizens will share some photos to everyone on the desktop, there will be users on the desktop to browse people's photo album. If you see a favorite photo to download, but, too many photos, download is very inconvenient how to do? In today's tutorial, we will give you a lot of desktop download photo Album Photo Method!

Google Browser Plugin

Method One: Use Google browser plugin to help everyone desktop bulk download albums

The first step, or to download Google Browser; (recommended: Google browser The latest version of the download address)

The second step, after downloading, open the chrome online store, we go to download and install Plug-ins: Renren Converter, operation such as the first picture.

After the installation is complete, refresh your Renren homepage, and there will be one more line of retrofit columns.


The third step, click on the transformation bar, such as the figure to open accessibility, and then check the album options.


Now, we open the album page to download again.

and pull to the bottom;

Click: Download the current page picture;


Enter a new page that will show all the pictures of the album

(Low-profile students can wait a moment)

The last step, right click in the margin, and then choose Save As.


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