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  Ape is one of the popular digital music file formats. Unlike MP3, this kind of lossy compression means ape is a lossless compression technique, which means that when you compress an audio data file from an audio CD into a ape format, you can restore the ape file again, and the restored audio file is exactly the same as before the compression, without any loss. Ape's file size is about half that of a CD, but with the popularity of broadband, the ape format is popular with many music enthusiasts, especially for friends who want to transfer audio CDs over the network, APE can help them save a lot of resources.

I am in the Donkey browser download to a very large number of ape music files, this ape large capacity, a lot of hard disk space, want to be a part of Ape burn CD-ROM.

Baidu in the keyword "How to burn Ape to CD" Search method There are many, see those methods are very troublesome, not easy to operate. The following according to their own groping, and finally found a relatively simple method, take out to share with you.

  One, have cue file ape burn.

Run the burn software and choose to burn Audio-> to make audio discs.

The software will automatically enter the following interface:

At this time cannot select Cue file to burn, must click "Back", return to choose. Select the third item on the left, "image, Project, copy," and click on the image disc or save project on the right.

Locate the playlist cue file for the ape you want to burn, open:

There will be a few seconds to wait, which may be the detection process. The following window will then be displayed, put on the burn disc, and click Burn directly.

  Two, no playlist cue file Burning method

If you don't have a cue playlist, you can only download the Ape plugin ape Plugin for Nero.

Use this plugin to allow Nero to burn Ape music directly. Unzip NxMyAPE.dll to C:Program FilesCommon filesaheadaudioplugins, start nero after it! Installed Ape plugin for Nero, you can just drag and drop it directly in Nero like a WAV, MP3 CD.

  PS: If there is no cue file, and the downloaded file is a separate ape for each track, then with Nero or MP3 file into a CD similar, one file to import separately. But if the whole music CD is a ape, and there is no cue file, the second way to burn the CD, the song can not select the track to play. When this happens, it is best to make the cue file first.

  Currently, there are three ways ape burn CDs:

1.APE convert to WMV in engraved CD

2.APE converted into MP3 and then engraved CD

3.APE Direct Engraving CD

Ape directly engraved CD is the best, WMV second, MP3 quality loss of the largest.

Ape is a lossless audio format, with a similar winrar or WinZip "compression" technology to convert the original audio file is relatively small, this conversion is reversible, for sound quality, there is no loss.

Both WMV and MP3 are lossy audio formats, are the original audio files in the high-frequency part of the filter and then converted (you can convert a WAV file into MP3 after the conversion of the adobeaudition to open before and after the two files, select the "View" menu "view Spectrum" can be seen, MP3 More than 15000Hz of the file is filtered out, and WAV file is not, even if you convert MP3 back to WAV, and then open to see the spectrum, high-frequency parts are not, this conversion is irreversible, that is, the original audio files converted to WMV or MP3, even after the conversion into the original format, The quality of the sound is only WMV or MP3.

Therefore, ape Direct burning CD is the best choice, conditional, reserved music best retained ape or FLAC (another lossless audio format) format.

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