How to cancel the IP blacklist of barracuda reputation

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Failed to send the email with the following error message: 554 service unavailable; client host [] blocked using barracuda reputation; R = 1 & IP = query information is similar to the following information, just to the IP = address changed to R = 1 & IP = The following is a message from the customer indicating that the email failed to be sent. The bounce message is as follows: reason: 554 service unavailable; client host [********* email server] blocked using barracuda reputation; IP =
The solution is described as follows: 1. when you use the Outlook Express client software to send an email to the via or, you receive a system Bounce Message. message: rthe message to is bounced because: SMTP error,

Dot: 554 service unavailable; client host [] blocked using barracuda reputation;

Http:// IP =

2. as shown above, your office Internet site Internet IP Address: was added to the barracuda blacklist, if you are anxious to send mail, you can open the or into web mail to send mail, the message can be sent successfully. you can also remove the IP blacklist as follows. first in IE's browser address bar input: IP = visit click "Click here" as shown in Figure 3.1. A new page pops up, as shown in: 2. as shown in: an IP address is displayed in the form. You need to enter the email address, phone number, and other information, and then click "submit request" to bring up a new URL: the following information: Request Processing edthank you for submitting your request. if this is your first request, your IP address will have its reputation increased to "normal" for 48 hours while we investigate. it may take up to 1 hour for the reputation increase to propagate to all barracuda spam firewils
Globally. we appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. your confirmation number is BBR21248411389-10719-4260.2. the above information indicates that if this is your first submission, your IP address will be upgraded to "normal" within 48 ", that is, the IP address you submitted will be removed from the barracuda blacklist database ., then you can use the client software to send an email.

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