How to change a domain name to a Web site without being affected

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Multiple domain names at the same time to resolve to a host, the search engine is influential, but this impact is not the search engine penalties will affect your main station in the search engine performance, such as: The rankings are not good, PR value is low, included a small number of issues.
For more than one domain name how to deal with the problem, think billion to give you a suggestion:
1. Use 301 redirect function. What you need to note about the 301 redirect operation is: Do not redirect all pages in the secondary site traffic to the main station, although this saves a lot of work, but if the user from the search engine to find, access to the page is not what he wants, will lose traffic. As far as possible to the page to redirect, to ensure that users from search engines to find the pages, even if not absolute matching is related to the content.
2. To the secondary homepage to do a navigation, the flow guide to the main station;
3. To the secondary domain name do URL forwarding;
In more than one domain name if a domain name has been included in the search engine many pages, it is recommended to use the first method. If the domain name has not been indexed by the search engine too many pages or traffic is very low, it is recommended to use the second or third method.

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