How to change SMTP Banner, Helo,ehlo Greetings for Zimbra

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1-take Zimbra Backup or VM snapshot before doing any changes

2-enter the following command to change SMTP Banner:

# Su-zimbra

$ zmlocalconfig-e postfix_smtpd_banner= ""

3-then If you want to change Helo/ehlo names, enter:

$ Zmprov mcf zimbramtamyhostname

4-if want to disable adding x-originating (Client's Internal-lan IP) to email headers:


5-then Restart Zimbra Services:

$ Zmcontrol Restart

How to test whether it is working:

1-telnet to your mail server from Windows cmd or Unix GNU Telnet client

Telnet 25

-It firewall allows you to access, doing telnet to port should get your server to greet if you have yourmailserver.yo

2-in Telnet, type following to get HELO response

> Helo yourmailserver

You should get:

3-in Telnet, type following to get EHLO response

EHLO Yourmail

You should get:

Rest of EHLO lines according to Yoru server config, such as MTA mail size, startls

How to change SMTP Banner, Helo,ehlo Greetings for Zimbra

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