How to change the background of light and shadow magic hand

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First need to download in the computer installation "Shadow Magic Hand" picture processor software, the software only has 13M size, download installation is very convenient, far more than nearly 1000M size of photoshop software download installation to be more convenient.

The first step: the Magic hand of light and shadow drawing

1, first select a background for the blue set of indoor wedding photos, with light magic hand Open, and then click Landscaping and Editing, the following figure:

With the magic hand to open the need to change the background of the wedding photos

2, click on the top right to "pull the map", the following "easy to pull the map" dialog box.

Use the Shadow Magic Hand pull tool to process photos

First click on the "first step: Pull the map"-"Smart Select Pen", with the mouse in the need to select the prospect of a row (will appear red lines), can be a straight line, can also be an arc, pay attention not to the background.

3, then click on "Intelligent Exclusion Line", with the mouse in need to remove the background of the row (will appear green lines), can be straight or arc, pay attention to the same do not draw to the future.

4, then click the "second step: Background operation"-"Delete the background", and then click "Preview", the following figure:

Remove background after drawing

Because the background of this photo is pure color, so it is very easy to remove the background, preview no problem later, click Save. (Encounter background is not a solid color photos, pull the map is more trouble, need patience).

Shadow Magic hand pull Map to change background graphics and text tutorial

5, arbitrarily named a filename, save type is the default (PNG), do not change.

The foreground is pulled out, and the format is a transparent format for PNG. After you save it, you can add it to any background photo you like.

Step Two: Shadow Magic hand Replacement background

1, with light and shade to open a background photo, the same click "Landscaping and Editing", the following figure:

Open a background photo with light and shade

2, click: Tools-free text and layers, as shown in the following image:

Open free text and layers with a magic hand

The following dialog box appears:

3, click on the watermark, just save the PNG format of the picture added in.

4, click on the foreground picture in the foreground, there will be 8 black spots in the Outlook border, you can adjust the size and position of the foreground, until appropriate.

Adjust the size of a composite picture with a magic hand

5, the last click Save As, it can be. Here, the Shadow Magic Hand background tutorial is all over.

The effect of hand-drawing of light and shadow on background

Finally choose Save As Save picture

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