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According to the survey, the current use of notebook users more and more, while the use of notebook in the process of the problems encountered more and more, such as a very simple problem, a user landing QQ can not log on, prompted password verification errors (below), tried a lot of times can not login. Asked me to help him to see what is the problem, I used to read later told him, in fact, is not the password input error, but the notebook keypad letter key switch into a number of keys, the original password is the letter input when the number changed so the password is incorrect.

Let's take a look at a variety of notebook brand notebook keyboard letter variable number of switching methods bar!

Notebook keyboard variable number method steps:

The indicator light is on when the keypad is turned on

Solution to the alphanumeric character of the notebook keyboard (Fn+numlock digital lock key):

The solution is actually very simple, close the keypad can be, but due to notebook manufacturers of various types of notebook design, so the way to close and open the keypad is also different, but almost all are FN key + digital lock key, or SHIFT key + digital lock key; Small collection of some brand-name laptop computer to turn off the keypad method:

HP HP DV Series Fn+numlock key (NUM and scroll on the same key)

HP HP Compaq CQ Series Fn+scroll Key (the one behind the F12)

Dell Inspiron Series Fn+f4 key (the F4 key icon has a small lock in the lower right corner with a number 9 in the lock, which is the NUM key)

Dell Vostro series Fn+numlock Keys

IBM Shift+numlock Key

Lenovo ThinkPad Series fn+ NMLK scroll key (top right, two features together)

Lenovo Sunrise C-series fn+ NMLK

Lenovo Y series fn+ Nmlk key

Acer D-Series Fn+f11

Because of the number of notebook models, the use of the method of turning off the keypad slightly different, small series here can not enumerate all the methods, but the method is similar, need to find the NumLock key first.

How alphanumeric switches Tips

1. If the button provided by the above can not be resolved or cannot find the above key you need to continue to look down, in fact, the keyboard num (numlock) is the meaning of digital keyboard locking, if you can not find the NUM key may also try to find scroll, Many notebook manufacturers tend to set the NumLock key and scroll (scroll bar lock) to a key;

2. If you can't find the scroll key, you can try to find the keyboard icon with a lock on the key, often this lock inside will have a number appears, this is actually numlock key, while pressing fn+ this key can also turn off the keypad;

3. If you find the NumLock key, but press Fn+numlock can not turn off the keypad, then you can try to see the NumLock key color and the keyboard of the control key color consistent, such as the SHIFT key, if they two color consistent, you have to press shift+ NumLock key to turn off the keypad;

4. Try all of the above key methods can not solve the notebook keyboard letter variable number problem, you can refer to the notebook manual, the above clearly stated the way to close and open the keypad

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